Babies, Bread, and a Chat

We have the greatest of great news!!
In a time when it seems like there is more bad news than good,
it's wonderful to be able to share something heartwarming.

Yesterday, three baby ducklings emerged from their eggs.

Meet Huey, Dewey, and Louie
(named by Anna's little girls who are watching over them 
right now during the hatching process)
hatched yesterday morning,
and we couldn't be happier!!

If there happens to be a little girl amongst the ducklings,
then I suppose they will be Huey, Dewey, and Louise!

While ducklings were hatching elsewhere, I spent
the morning here at the farm... baking bread.

The dough had risen nicely overnight,

so I shaped the boules,
and proofed them in two banetons...

then popped them into Dutch ovens to bake.
Fifty minutes later....

Fresh multi-grain bread.
I am going to have to find people to share loaves of bread with...
because I can hardly wait to bake the next loaf.
Goodness knows, I don't need to eat all of that bread myself!

I have noticed during this strange year of 2020
that I find a lot of comfort in watching YouTube videos of people from
faraway places...
whose lives are different from my own.
I enjoy the sound of their voice and a glimpse into their lives...
during this time when social interaction is minimal in our life.

I filmed a simple video yesterday as we tended to morning chores,
and just chatted as though you were here for a visit.
I am hoping that it provides a little bit of diversion for you today.
Wherever you are... you are not alone... we are all feeling the strain
of the circumstances of this year.


colleen said…
You will have to open up a roadside stand for your scrumptious bread :)
We have hatched many chickens and it never gets old. Happy to see some of the duck eggs hatched.
I would never tire of watching you do chores every morning.
You are a great diversion EVERYDAY!!xoxoxo
Louise Stopford said…
The duckling are adorable. I enjoyed your video SO much Bev. It is lovely to be able to peek into someone else's way of life and I love being able to watch you do the morning chores. It really gives me a diversion and I can escape all the craziness and join you on your gorgeous farm with all your wonderful animals. Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful video and for brightening up my day. You're a very kind soul to share all these precious moments with us and I want you to know how much it is appreciated. I love the two black kittens.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
baby ducks!!! i love ducks! your bread looks terrific. i'm always giving bread to people because i love baking it so much.
Diane said…
What a lovely visit to your morning farm. Baby ducks are the cutest and that bread looks heavenly. I bet it smelled divine also.
Marcia LaRue said…
What a wonderful way to enjoy my coffee in the morning ... walking along with you while you do all the work! LOL Well, except for Jack scooping poop! You have your hubbs trained well!
Love the ducklings ... so doggone cute! How many more do you think you'll be getting or was it just the 3 eggs?
I absolutely love visiting BHA ... it's like taking a mini vacation every morning!
Love & Hugs from CO
littlemancat said…
Love the chore tour...and getting to see all the animals. Loved to hear the chickens - there's something soothing about their soft clucking.
And I wonder if you ever heard of WindowSwap? Just type it in to get to the site - views from windows all over the world. And you can submit your own. It's a wonderful distraction.
The bread looks rustic and delicious!
Wonderful video. Always enjoy seeing all of the animals and how they live. Thank you.
This N That said…
The Ducklings are adorable..Won't it be fun to watch them mature?? You mentioned 4 cats..I assume Bobby is still around?
The bread looks didn't waste any time..No surprise there ;) Yummm..twas good..
Still no rain..
Good video...I didn't realize that you had painted all of your buildings gray..Looks great..
So thankful for you...hugs
Such a great blog! Love the new duckies and maybe there will even be more? The bread looks so delicious.....wish I lived next door. and love the cool to see everybody coming out in the morning. thank you Bev!