Drying Out

We've had a few soggy, grey days around here.
It's been cool... perfect for all of the animals.

The trouble is... they are all looking a little like nobody loves them.

Of course, they are well loved, but it's hard to do grooming when everyone is a little damp.

Yesterday afternoon things had dried out a little
and everyone was out enjoying the front pasture
and stretching their legs.

I was on the ground with the donkeys grazing around me
enjoying the peace and quiet.

There's nothing like the sound of gentle munching.
It just fills me with happiness because I know that all of my friends are content.

Moments of peace and quiet don't always last around here, however.
There's always someone trying to stir things up a little.

That someone is usually Chester... and this time was no different.

He and Annie were playing chase and wrestling...
instigated by Chester (of course).

When asked about our dogs, we always say...
Sam is an enigma... more cat than dog.

Annie is a machine... the ultimate athlete and a hunter at heart.

Chester... well, Chester is completely socially inappropriate.
It's not a bad thing, actually, because Chester loves fiercely and wants
to show it all of the time... mostly with his tongue!
We always say... Chester can't hold his licker.

The thing is... the dogs play and tear around the pasture in and out of the horses,
and the horses don't pay them any attention.
They are completely used to and comfortable around our dogs.
And our dogs have no fear of the horses.
They all just seem to understand each other...
which makes me so happy!
(Except for the rare occasion that Chester decides to chase the horses... bad Chester!)

You might remember me mentioning that one of our 24 hens started crowing
a few weeks ago.
That is... on one particular morning this fellow found his voice.
Apparently he lost it as quickly as he found it,
because I haven't heard him crow since.

He is also the most timid rooster we have ever had...
and runs the opposite direction whenever I come near
(with the heaviest feet, ever)!

Perhaps with no other roosters around to teach him...
he has no idea how a rooster should act.

I have written a second post about our French Adventure.
You can find it HERE.  [Link]


Dee J. Hartman said…
If you were here, you would have caught me laughing out loud when you wrote, "Chester can't hold his licker." LOL
Chester, you little troublemaker!
This N That said…
I guess the best rooster is a timid one!! Enjoy this sunshine1!