France Adventure #2

Sweets and Treats in France

If there is one thing (but of course there are many) that the French do well,
it is definitely their food,
and especially their treats.

France is not a place to watch what you eat...
unless of course you are merely watching it leave your plate and enter your mouth!

The bakeries are plentiful, as are the chocolatiers.
This is just a sampling of what we saw... and ate!

I had to try one of the eclairs....OMG!!

Another dessert was ice-cream filled cream puffs drenched in the 
richest, darkest chocolate sauce with almonds.

This would definitely be the only type of high heels in which I might be interested...
chocolate heels!
Melts in your mouth, not on your feet... or something like that.

All types of fancy chocolates...

Of course there is gelato and sorbetto that is every bit as good as Italy's.

And of course it has to look fancy as well!

My favorite combination... raspberry, blood orange, and yogurt.
And yes, I ate that whole cone!

And then there are the Macarons.

I was never a fan before tasting them in France.
Now I fear I shall never again find anything like this in the States.

If you followed our travels on Facebook you already saw this video.
Feel free to skip it!
If not... you might be amused.

Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower.

It is massive!

At sunset...

The best viewing is after the sun has set when thousands of sparkly lights twinkle
against the night sky.

I have gotten a few questions about how I pack for trips like this.
I have found that a monochromatic wardrobe works best,
and so I pack a lot of grey and black.
The shoes that I wore the most were a simple flat slip-on sneaker type
by Dr. Scholls and they were very comfortable for walking all over.
I have a pair of strappy flat shoes that I wear with skirts and dresses....also very comfy.
My formula is... black sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve knit shirts -
white short sleeve and long sleeve knit shirt -
a tunic or two -
black knit blazer and jean jacket -
black leggings, black pants, jeans
grey striped sleeveless dress (blazer goes well over this)
 knit (floral) black jersey jumpsuit (again with same blazer)
and that's about it.

Knits pack easily and don't wrinkle.


daisy g said…
I guess you'll have to undertake making your own macarons!

Those cream puffs remind me of my momma. She made the cream puff tower (cone-shaped) with spun sugar on it. So, so amazing!

The Tower must have been breathtaking in person.
Anonymous said…
Yes, the French macaroons are totally different than the typical ones we get in the States. We found a restaurant in Philadelphua on Rittenhouse Square that makes the French type and they are delicious. The restaurant is Parc and the meals are delicious too.
Dee J. Hartman said…
My mouth started watering the second I saw all those wonderful desserts!
Pure dessert decadence! Love the little video too.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i am not much of a desert person but a good macaron....oooh lala!
StrictlyMystic said…
Thanks for sharing your packing tips. I will keep in mind that with all of those wonderful pastries, knits not only don't wrinkle, they stretch!
This N That said…
Ice cream filled puffs and die for or because of...take your pick...Yum