Thursday, July 12, 2018


Happily, peace has returned to the farm.
We made it through another day without incident.

Jack is fine... barely even bruised.
Donnie is healing... his swelling is down and he is walking normally.

I will keep him on relative rest for a few days, however,
just to ensure that he can defend himself if Scarlet decides to "off" him again.

Our fabulous weather continues, but I would like to place an order for a little rain.
It's quite dry right now.
The grass has stopped growing and is getting brown.
I did, however, have to mow the weeds yesterday.

I have to say... I am loving these Profusion Zinnias.
The were recommended to me this spring and I am so glad I jumped right in.

They are a hybrid zinnia that is disease, drought, and heat resistant...
and they don't need any dead-heading.
Just plant, and water, and wait for the eventual explosion of color.

All of the coneflowers are blooming now.

Echinacea are one of my many favorites, and I search for new colors
whenever I happen to visit a greenhouse or nursery.

My favorite two, so far, are these fancy pink ones...

and these green ones...

The guineas continue to spend a good portion of the day within my garden walls.
They have been good guests...hunting bugs, but not disturbing the produce.

We have two active nests that are being sat upon.

I can hardly wait for the chicks to hatch (hoping.)

I do have one item on my "worry" list at present.
Sweet Ash... the remaining half of our Nigerian Dwarf Sister Act...
(we lost Star earlier this spring)
has been segregating herself from the rest of the goat herd.
She spends her time solitarily next to the pasture fence.

She is losing weight and I fear she is soon going to pass.
Dr. Becky has checked her and says she doesn't appear to be in any discomfort.
(goats are very stoic, though)
She's an old goat and she lived a great life... we'll find comfort in that.

So, we will allow her her peace and hope that her passing is equally peaceful.


daisy gurl said...

Coneflowers and zinnias are two of my favorite summer staples. You are certainly getting an abundance of color!

You've already suffered so much loss this year, my heart goes out to you.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

I too love coneflowers...I found a color last summer called, "Tomato Soup" and that name is spot on. We also have goats...they came to us because they needed a home, and I'm so glad we could take them in. They are sweet and easy to care for, but I understand...the thought of losing any animal is so hard.

littlemancat said...

Love those coneflowers and zinnias-perfect growing in the tree stumps! Have you ever grown nasturtiums? The colors are so clean,clear and bright plus the leaves look like mini waterlily leaves (at least to me)? You can use the flowers in salads if you like.
Sorry about Sweet Ash - it does sound as if she's preparing herself in that quiet way of animals.
The universe does speak, doesn't it.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

poor ash...once again though, could she have had a better life? i think not. your flowers are so beautiful! we need rain desperately. my ground is cracked and everything is turning brown.

Dee J. Hartman said...

It's great to know Jack is feeling OK
And Donnie is healing, doing fine on this day.
I hope you get rain so your grass won't turn brown
And that Scarlet behaves when Donnie's around!
I'll hope Ash is living a life with no pain
And comfort's abundant in her days that remain!
Love , Dee

Missy George said...

Glad things have settled down and all is OK..Sad about Ash..Hope she's not having any discomfort..Your flowers are beautiful..My favorites are the green ones who didn't make it through the winter two years ago..I should get more but haven't been in the mood to plant them..I'll have to put those Zinnias in my tree stump next year..Enjoy this beautiful day...Yes, we need rain..very dusty...

Lynne said...

Love the Cone Flowers . . .
And zinnias . . .
I think I may get some flowers from my seeds . . . hopefully!

Sad about Ash . . .
Circle of Life . . . once again . . .


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