Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I am one of those people who pays super-close attention to how my beds are made.
Just ask my family... they are completely intimidated by my bed-making skills.
It's the one thing (my family might say there's more) that I am completely 
obsessive/compulsive about.
Maybe it's the nurse in me... I did, after all, go to nursing school during the years
when it was requisite that a quarter bounce off of the bed you had just made.
No wrinkles allowed... wrinkles caused pressure on delicate skin.
Hospital corners?  No one makes a tighter hospital corner than me.
Bed-making might be my all-time-greatest achievement.
I should have run a Bed and Breakfast.
I'd have nailed that profession!
Really... it's sad.

And so, it seems only fitting that nowadays...any time I leave the house...
(with all of the beds neat as a pin, mind you)...
I return to find them all disheveled.
All of them.

The above illustration is a mild example of the "bedlam" I have found
upon returning home.

I did a little investigatory work, trying to find the perpetrator.
I intensely interviewed each suspect.

Each of them was tight lipped.

No one would fess-up.

Their stories... airtight.

A conspiracy, perhaps?

Regardless... apparently whoever the perp(s) are...
they are not satisfied with steerage (living room couch)
 and have decided to upgrade to first class.

I can only conclude that this is karma!


Lynne said...

Delightful, adorable, perfect post . . .
Need I say more . . .

Marsha said...

My house too! Our bed is everyone's favorite!

Pepper Medley said...

From your photos, I would say that the sofa feels pretty darned good too! LOL Pets are family and who needs to lay on the cold floor with all of these drastically low temperatures outside.... Keeping pets happy is just another part of keeping the family happy. xox Loved this post!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh,I'm with you on the bed making.
Being an schooled CNA for 35 years.. correct bed making is a must!! What's worse... pillow case opening heading the wrong way or the top sheet with the hem facing down and not up...if using pretty sheets the pretty side faces down. You know how to get me on a rant lol. You need to put a game camera in the bedroom 😲

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

Yep!! Game cameras will tell the tale!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

they all look guilty to me! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kim said...

Doors closed are the answer. Great interrogation technique!

Patsy said...

Those are great photos. I would frame each of them and put them on a wall. I think it is Chester. He looks guilty to me. Lol.

littlemancat said...

Too funny! I'm betting on Chester too!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They all look guilty to me!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post!!!!

Missy George said...

It's the nurse thing..I am the same way..Hospital corners a must!! Mollie uses my bed spread as her personal face/body wipe and I often find my pillows like that..Since this is a new event at your house, I would have to bet on Chester!! Enjoy your day..


Ahh--how cute are those 'innocent' faces!!!!
have a fun day-di

diane in northern wis said...

Hilarious! Well...not the very messed up bed....but the faces on the possible perps. Maybe you're barking up the wrong tree? Maybe they are all innocent??? Hope you can eventually find out who is causing you such angst! In the meantime, thanks once again for an awesome blog! You are a talented lady.


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