A Love Story

This is Sid.

Sidney is a 5 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred,
that Becky brought home to the farm this past Spring.
(Becky or "Dr. Becky" is Hubbs sister, and shares our farmland.)

When Sid arrived he was underweight, injured...
a very sad horse who had never enjoyed the pleasure of being
out in a pasture.

He had been housed in a stall,
then put back in a stall.
He had never learned how wonderful life truly is.

Sid has spent the past several months under Becky's loving care,
learning how to be a horse again....
learning the meaning of joy.
His days are filled with wonder and adventure

Becky bought him with the hopes that he could become her
cross country eventing horse.

He has spent the last few months learning how to slow down,
to be calm,
to forget the race.

He has embraced what Becky has taught him and risen to the challenge.
He is kind and willing and eager to please.
He does whatever Becky asks him to do....
all wariness replaced by trust.

Best of all, he has a sense of humor!

The two of them are a team.

And this is just be beginning of a beautiful story.
A love story.

PS.....I did a photo shoot of the two of them
which you can view as a slide show....


Anonymous said…
Sid is a very lucky boy.
Thousands of young, off-the-track thoroughbreds just like him are taken to auction every year and sold to kill buyers who truck them to slaughter plants in Mexico and Canada. They are slaughtered under very inhumane conditions for Europeans who have a taste for horsemeat. This is a very sad part of the racing industry. There are not enough loving homes for them all after their racing careers are over. Glad to see he is doing well.
I wish more people would consider adoption.
Heather in PA
highheeledlife said…
Beautiful story ... we are looking into a program close to our home that places retired race horses with families ...its a great adoption program.. HHL
TNwoman said…
Sid is a beautiful horse, it was a wonderful thing for Dr Becky to do. How could she look in those eyes and not bring him home.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful story..they're lucky to have found each other..brings a tear to my eye
Unknown said…
Wonderful love story! What a sweetheart....that Becky is! To give this wonderful horse a new life filled with love.
Kent Island Red said…
What a handsome guy he is - THANK YOU Dr. Becky for your kindness!!!
taylorgirl6 said…
I love how animals have the ability to put yesterday behind them and live in the now. They keep trying to teach me that lesson, but it takes a while for humans to get it.
Ginny said…
What a beautiful story and a beautiful animal, so glad is he part of your family.
That is a wonderufl story and an amazing-beautiful-horse!
countrynmore said…
He is a very lucky horse, and Becky is a lucky owner. I love the photo shoot that you did. It is so great that a race horse can now have a new and normal life that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
Unknown said…
Loved the pics, Bev! It made me cry to watch the slideshow. Both Becky and Sid look so happy and so wonderful together. I want to come and watch her ride him!
Michelle said…
Oh my gosh, he is so beautiful! His coat is gorgeous and he looks super happy and healthy.
What a lovely life to be surrounded by all those fantastic animals. Lucky you!
Verde Farm said…
Oh Bev, what a great story. He is gorgeous and so lucky to have Becky and it looks as though Becky is very lucky to have him. Love it!