Thursday, May 17, 2018

And More Babies!

Yesterday morning I drove to the Post Office as the sun was coming up...
to pick up a delivery of just-hatched chicks.
There, on the top of the mail cart, just unloaded from the truck,
was a cheeping box filled with 27 colorful chicks.

I carefully drove them home, and took them into the brooder house.
I opened the lid to find all 27 chicks very lively.

I have, in the past, always unloaded each chick and showed her the water and food.
This time I did things a little more slowly.

I reached into the box and took one chick into my hand and held it securely.
Then, with my other hand, I dipped my finger into their water and rubbed the end of
the chick's beak until she opened her beak and started to take the water drop off the end of my finger.
I then repeated this for the next 26 chicks.

By the time I was finished, all were eating and drinking on their own...
and for the first time - EVER - they seemed to have imprinted on me.

I sat there surrounded by chicks and none of them were skittish.
They each allowed me to touch them and pick them up repeatedly.

Several times, later in the day, I stopped by for a visit...
and each time the chicks remained completely calm with my presence...
running up to me and onto my hands.

I have a feeling that this particular flock of chickens is going to be very special.
I also have a feeling that there will be at least one rooster in the batch.
(There always is!)

It will be lots of fun to watch these gals grow...
and fun to see what each of them looks like when grown!

We are in the midst of a rather rainy week...
giving me time for indoor activities.
Yesterday I appliquéd white dots onto a red umbrella
to make this....

life-sized mushroom!
(I used a PVC pipe for the stem.)


  1. Creative "Chick" Carefully aCClimates Chicks....then, Makes Marvelous Magnificent, Massive Mushroom! ...Bravo, Bev!

    1. Dee....your comments are better than my blog posts!!!

  2. So cute! What are the breeds?

  3. The “chick whisperer!”

  4. What a great idea! Enjoy your new babies!

  5. Oh how I would love more chicks! But.. my coop and it's yard are at max capacity with 14. What type of chickens are in this batch? Looks like a variety?

  6. Love the little chicks, and yestersday's runner ducklings. The mushrooms are so cute

  7. the peeps are so cute! and those mushrooms!!!

  8. Love 'em! Your newest babies are so sweet,all that cute fluffiness! And the mushroom is perfect!
    All rain, drizzly, and gray skies here, but everything is beautifully green.

  9. Enjoy your peeps..I'm sure they will flourish with your care...Your umbrella turned out great...that is a very cute setting..

  10. An American in TokyoMay 17, 2018 at 8:03 PM

    Too cute!!
    I enjoyed the sound of the chicks and then to see the cute mushroom umbrella!

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