Thursday, April 26, 2018

Come Fly With Us...

I had a discussion with our fairies amidst all of their flitting around yesterday,
and asked them if they might help us out.
( I know... their first full day back, and already I've asked them to do me a favor!)

I had wanted to give you a fairies'-eye view of our hundred acre wood...
where, of course, our fairies spend their winters.
There are many hollow trees and hollowed-out stumps that make the perfect
chambers for winter slumber.

The softest of moss is used as a bed and pillow,
with a fuzzy sycamore leaf for a blanket.
Their winter snacks are stored in acorn canisters with acorn caps to keep what's inside 
fresh for months.

Of course they willingly share their stash with mice and squirrels.
Fairies are never stingy.
But, I digress.

I was able to convince one of our more adventurous fairies to fly as high as she could
with a tiny video camera and give us a look at the woods and surrounding lands.

This is what she brought back to me:

This is the land that we love so deeply...
where the magic unfolds each and every day.
Hopefully the video gives you a better perspective.
Now, just imagine it with all of the leaves on the trees....
it is spectacular!
And it won't be long now....


  1. Absolutely wonderful - thank you fairy for showing us around your 100 acre woods. You all have a fabulous place to live and I really enjoyed the flight.

  2. Great job fairy!! It was so relaxing... I felt like I was right there with you.

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  4. Very cool. What kind of drone do you have. What is the range on that drone? Looks like it can go a good ways.

    Very beautiful place and a lot of hard work went into it to make it that way.

    1. Our drone is a DJI Phantom 3's an older can find them used online. It can go 1 ½ miles away from the controller.

  5. Thank you, Fairy Air, I had such a lovely flight!

    1. And the fairy tale was a wonder-ful read! :-)

  6. Patsy From IllinoisApril 26, 2018 at 9:27 AM

    I love this and your fairy is a talented videographer.

  7. Thank you. My imagination is going strong now.

  8. Thanks, Fairy Air....what a wonderful place to call home! Love it!

  9. Fairy Air..but of course...Great video and story..Nice to have all the toys to supplement your fun..well done fairy!!

  10. Wow! Bev, you and your family have certainly have been blessed! Loved the video! I'd love to come see your place in person someday!


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