Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Walks On The Wild Side

During recent trips to the woods,
we took the opportunity to gather the camera cards from the game cameras.

It's great fun to see what happens in our woods
when we are not there.

We have a huge herd of deer for sure...
making deer photos the bulk of what we collect.

But there are often other critters of interest to be seen.
Of course, at this time of year there are no bear,
but there are....





And although this photo isn't clear... it is interesting to see that we 
caught a great horned owl as it flew by,
(ever so silently as they do)...
As you can see... it was moving quite fast... the glow from it's eye a luminous blur.

It's amazing the amount of life out there that goes almost
Game cameras can open up a whole world...
especially a world of nighttime activity.


  1. A whole other world,and so interesting to think of it so close by, yet so "other." Thanks for the glimpse.
    And love the daytime ones too.

  2. I enjoy your “on the wild side” posts . . .
    Lots of activity happening at night, daytime too!

  3. God's creations bring us such joy.

  4. Those are so neat, do you know what kind of camera you have? We have talked about getting one.

    1. We have Bushnell cameras.... not sure of the model... but they have day/night capability and can do video as well.

  5. Walking Mollie yesterday afternoon I saw our herd of seven Deer...We often see there tracks and other evidence of their presence. A delicacy for Mollie ;)..We had a little snow now rain and sleet probably for the rest of the day..Enjoy your snow.

  6. Oh, what fun to see the wildlife in your area. No Bears. That's a good thing. LOL.

  7. It would be interesting to put a game cam out here and see what passes through... my guess is a lot of coyotes, a few feral cats, and maybe some of the neighbor's roosters. I haven't seen any deer but I'm sure they're out there.


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