Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wandering Home

I love home.
I have laid down very deep roots in this place.

This is where I feel complete and at peace.

And yet, there's a bit of gypsy soul that rustles down deep and makes
my soul long to investigate new places.

I love to wander... as long as the road leads back home at the end of the day...
back to my loves.

Most days a hike with the dogs satisfies my urge for adventure.
That's the thing about where I live.
There is so much to see, so much to investigate.
The land changes from week to week.

No two hikes are ever the same.
Each time I step out into nature I see something new and remarkable.

Mother Nature inspires me

and fills me with awe.
It amazes me that in the middle of winter, when everything seems brown or grey...
this lives on the forest floor...
brilliant green... 
buzzing with the energy of a sunny day...
 in an otherwise damp, hazy, cloud-covered world.

Nature just seems to reach out and draw me in...
the smallest things seem nothing short of miraculous.
Like this perfect, tiny 3 inch nest constructed entirely of horse hair...
having blown to the ground during a winter wind storm.

I am so lucky to have had a lifetime to enjoy this world...
and with a little more luck...many years left to explore and discover.

I am lucky to have companions who love to join me...

and that my path always takes me back

 home again.

Someone else has a gypsy's heart as well!

Annie seized the day and took off on a jaunt yesterday.
It looks as though she had quite the adventure!


  1. Lovely, comforting post today. I totally get it about home and feel so lucky to be content at home ... and happiest at home. Nature is inspiring and wonderful if we only take the time to look and see and be able to escape from sometimes terrible things that happen in the world. Escape and be inspired - that is the gift you give.

  2. Annie went without you. I wonder what adventures you missed out on?

  3. I echo exactly what Louise said.💟

  4. the older i get, the more i love home! moss is one of my favorite things.

  5. Dorothy had it right, "There's no place like home." It helps us feel grounded to face the world outside our borders.
    Love this reflective post.

  6. Wonderful post - you captured what I, too, am lucky to experience and feel here on this farm. May we all enjoy many more years of this gift of life in a world full of wonder.

  7. You are very blessed and we are blessed to be able to read about your life. Thank you.

  8. All I can say is......."Amen"

    Thank you for your beautiful post today!!

  9. Ahhh, if only Annie could talk what tales (tails!) she would tell!

  10. What a lovely, heart felt post . . . it actually brought tears to my eyes:) You really could write a book about living in the country! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us . . . .

  11. Lovely, nice narration of your pictures..well done..Annie was up to her eyebrows in some hole..Her paws looked clean so she wasn't digging?? I'm glad there were no quills involved..

  12. diane in northern wisJanuary 24, 2018 at 9:57 PM

    Thank you Bev. I love all the sights around your farm. Thank you so much for taking us with you on your wonderful walks so we can explore along with you. What a beautiful place you live in. You are blessed.

  13. Beautiful pictures, wonderful reflections . . .
    and then there is mischief dog . . . oh my, what now!


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