Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Pecking Order

I was searching for Milford the other day.

The oldest of my roosters, was no where to be found in the chicken yard.

You might remember Milford, our cream colored "Red Star" rooster...
who owns the biggest set of spurs on any rooster ever!
We're talking Guinness Book of World Record sized spurs.

He came to live on the farm 5 years ago when a batch of chicks
had a surprise listed on the shipping manifest.
It read, "5 Red Star roosters added for warmth."

Enter Milford, Milton, Milroy, Millard and George.
Over the years, they all met their demise one way or another...
except Milford.

I looked high and low, and finally found the old boy in the local coffee shop...
the run in shed that we use as extra shelter in the goat yard.
He was there with a bevy of hens just chatting it up and gossiping,
as hens (and some roosters) are prone to do.

I couldn't help but notice that Milford had a little dried blood on his chest.
Sadly, roosters are very confrontational with each other and Old Milford is
definitely at the bottom of the pecking order.

I am sure he had a run-in with this fellow...

"Fish" is the last remaining leghorn rooster who came to live on the farm a couple of summers ago...
gifted to us by our friends Maggie and Macy who raised them up from
just-hatched chicks.

At the present time, we are finally down to a manageable number of roosters
and Fish has appointed himself king.

So, while Fish is busy overseeing all of the activities of the hens,
Milford hangs out in the coffee shop, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.

it might just be what is wrong with the world today.
[winking] [even Hubbs agrees!]

While I was in the goat yard tracking down Milford,
I stopped to chat with Star.

Star is one of my Nigerian Dwarf Goats...
that I have had forever.

She is ancient and
has her share of problems... but just keeps on keeping on.
She's a sweetheart!

Our weather has turned colder again.
Winter has returned.

My sourdough starter is progressing... I see evidence of yeast and lactobacillus
starting to work.   So, I keep feeding it daily (actually now, twice daily)...
and hopefully in a few days I will have starter with which I can bake.
Stay tuned.

I baked and decorated cookies yesterday.
I have wanted to try to make these and am happy with the result.
I know... too pretty to eat.............Nah!


  1. Star has the sweetest little face.
    The cookies are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

  2. Poor old Milford - he still looks well though and has, and is still having, a marvellous life on your farm. Nothing wrong with taking it easy in the coffee shop with the girls on your retirement. Lovely photo of Star. I was only wondering how the goats were doing the other day.

  3. You just totally amaze me! Those cookies are ready for some real competition at a farm show!...And I tried to make a sourdough starter, sto no avail. You sound like you are successful in that area too!

  4. Those cookies are a work of art!!

    I had a goat named Casey who looked a lot like Star when I was a teen. She was going to be euthanized at the Staten Island Zoo, where I worked as the pony ride track caretaker. (and walker!) She was a sickly baby so I took her to the vet and nursed her back to health. She lived in our Staten Island Yard in a goat yard my dad built for her with dog house - until we found a more suitable home for her on a farm. They are so friendly and full of antics, she even took trips in the car with us around town.

  5. Those butterfly cookies are works of art!

  6. Oh my gosh! I love those cookies. And you know what? When my fairies come to visit you this spring and summer, they would love those cookies. I will tell them about it and hopefully you won't mind baking up some for them. They will be grateful and will weed your gardens and help you with new plantings.

  7. Milford, Milton, Milroy, Millard and ... George - cracked me up!
    Great stories, fantastic pictures, and those cookies!!!!! You never cease to amaze me, with all the things you see and all the things you create. And every thing you share, thank you!
    I am so very glad that the ACL isn't bothering you nearly as much as I had feared. Wishing you continued good healing, and much success with that starter and baking and all.

  8. okay...i need a cookie decorating tutorial! these are too amazing!!! will you please!!!???

  9. I was going to write a long post about how I admire your knitting and weaving (weaving!) and baking (those cookies!), and the sour dough starter, your gorgeous always spotless house, all the work you do for your critters, but I think GeorigHoneyBee said it best: WOW!!!!

  10. I'm glad you found Milford safe and sound..Guess he had to scale down a bit to be safe..
    Bad, bad Fish !!Those cookies are as good as they look..still too pretty to eat ;) Star really has been around forever..Happy that she is hanging in there..Have good PM.

  11. An American in TokyoJanuary 25, 2018 at 8:08 PM

    I love all your animals and the stories behind each one!
    Please give them all hugs from me as well!

    I wouldn't be able to eat it!!! Too beautiful!!!

  12. diane in northern wisJanuary 25, 2018 at 8:40 PM

    Your cookies are amazing, Bev. Just beautiful and look yummy too. They look like they could fly! Poor Milford, I hope he does ok trying to stay away from the big white guy that has taken the lead in the hen yard. Your goat star is beautiful and looks so gentle. Love your posts. I feel like you're living just down the road a piece. Thanks Bev.

  13. Love, love the cookies!!! Amazing.

    Lol, I think you might be correct on the testosterone.

    Stay warm and cozy, Janie

  14. I'd say you are an artist. I have never seen such beautiful glazed cookies. You could sell those easily. Maybe even frame a few. Thanks for sharing. Love the chicken diaries . . . LOL.


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