Thursday, January 18, 2018

My World

This is what I woke up to this morning...

absolute breathtaking winter beauty!

Freshly fallen snow...

about 5 inches.

Makes the world look magical.

Sunlight streams through snow tinged branches...

sparkling, silent.
Once the sun hits those branches, the snow will drop to the ground.

It was great to be out early and see the magic at its best!

Everyone was out to greet us... eager for their breakfast and their morning treats.

The sheep were encrusted with snow,
but with their thick fleeces don't even feel it.

The garden is asleep beneath it's wintry blanket...

Everyone, except for the chickens, turkeys, and guineas seems to enjoy the fresh snow.
The birds prefer to remain inside where it is warm and dry.

After chores, I spent a few hours working on a weaving project.

I finished warping the loom.

And evened out the warp. 
All I needed now was to fill my shuttles with the yarn that I would use for the weft.

I filled the shuttles with the yarn as I unwound a skein of alpaca fiber.

The shuttle is used to work the weft between the layers of warp.
The weft is the yarn that is perpendicular to the warp.
The warp is passed through the rigid heddle reed which is placed in one of two
different positions, depending upon which way you are feeding the shuttle.
Changing the position of the reed changes the positions of the top and bottom warp,
so that you are able to weave the shuttle between the two.

The reed is then used to push down the yarn that you have just woven so that it rests tightly 
next to the previously woven yarn.  In the above photo...the red yarn is waste yarn, that is just used to even out the warp.

I am using a combination of silk and alpaca for this project.

Of course, I had company...

who was less than impressed... especially because I wouldn't let her play with my yarn.
Note the scowling face.



  1. Beautiful, magical wintery scenes. Love the photo of Ivy. I still don't know how you fit everything in to your day, you have so much on the go. Weaving project looks great and how satisfying to create something wonderful yourself. You are a very clever lady!!

  2. Your winter wonderland is beautiful and I never tire of seeing the sheep. I could just kiss their snowy faces.
    The weaving just amazes me. Please keep us up on the process.


  3. Having been involved in animal rescues here and there over the years, it's so good for my soul to see your animals so well cared for.

    I'm thinking I need to pick up a hand craft that does not involved a lot of thinking, something to relax with on cold winter evenings that doesn't invovle a lot of equipment... maybe knitting to start? You and a few of my other blog friends inspired me to do so.

  4. We were also blessed with an abundance of snow yesterday! This region pretty much shuts down when there is any snow on the ground, so many adults got a snow day!

    What an amazing machine the loom is. So much to know. I'm sure it relaxes you to work on your crafts. Hope we get to see the finished project. Enjoy!

  5. Very interesting! When we visited Colonial Williamsburg, I could have watched the weaver for hours.

  6. Magical indeed !! Yarn and a time!!

  7. Unlike Ivy, I was fascinated :)

  8. A fresh white blanket of snow -- so beautiful!

  9. the pics are so beautiful. this is just one of the reasons i so love winter! i could weave all day long. it is so relaxing! that piece is going to be wonderful!

  10. What a lovely story your photos convey. I would love to learn how to weave. Such a wonderful way to spend a winters day. hugs, lj

  11. diane in northern wisJanuary 18, 2018 at 9:58 PM

    Yes, your farm is beautiful in the new snow. I would love to hug your sheep...they look so cute with the snow all over their faces and bodies. Love your piggies too. Well, you lost me as you explained your weaving processes. You are so smart Bev. I will just look at the pictures and watch your beautiful progress. Thanks for a great blog.

  12. Sure can see how far behind I am on blog posts . . .
    Gorgeous snowy pictures . . .
    Love a fresh snowfall . . .

    And now when I am writing this at January end . . .
    You have fresh hay and 55 degrees and no snow . . .
    What a wonderful world!


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