Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Day in the Life

The sun rises...
and the day begins.

Everyone is in his/her own place...
grazing or not...

Mid morning, I receive this photo in a text from the neighbors.
Apparently the guineas have found their swing.
We are so lucky that our neighbors do not mind visits from our guineas...
as it is hard to keep this troupe at home.

Later in the day, they are doing their thing in another neighbor's field.

They spend their day patrolling the neighborhood.
By late afternoon, they wander back to their own yard
and by sunset are safely tucked back into their house.

I'm not sure what was happening in the food container...
who knows what goes on in a guinea mind!

The day ends much like it started...
with a fiery sky.

I started seasonal decorating yesterday...
from this...

to this...

I found galvanized letters at a craft store on sale for $2...

 and added puffy paint and sparkles for a wintery effect.

It's just the beginning... more to come!


  1. Your countryside is just beautiful - as is your home in all seasons - love your decorative touches!

    We dont' have guineas because our neighbors are a little closer than yours and our road in front of the house has traffic that travels too fast more than not, and given their wandering ways we know it's not a good fit. Bummer - because they eat ticks!

  2. Bless those Guineas - they look to really be enjoying your neighbours swing. The video was funny - made me smile. They are such busy little bodies and they are sure enjoying their lives (which is what it is all about). Your "Winter" decorations are looking wonderful. You never disappoint with your Christmas decorations, they are always something to look forward to (and get us in the festive spirit of things). Can't believe we are talking about the "C" word now - where has the year gone - it must be the fastest year on record!!!

  3. Never tire of seeing your guineas!
    Or NEVER tire at seeing your home at the change of seasons. You are such an inspiration. Xoxoxo

  4. Beautiful! I love that you take time to make things beautiful. Small things mean so much. If you have time, can you please share your cookie and icing recipe? I loved the way you marbled the icing! Any tips? (My PC died, and I just read several posts - but those cookies looked amazing!) Have an awesome day!

  5. Isn't it wonderful adding our own touches to store bought decorations? I love your icicle effect on the letters.

    The sky looks so beautiful, but I'm sure pictures don't do it justice.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. "Tis the season! Looking forward to seeing more of your decorations!

  7. I've read that guineas will clean up ticks from an area. As a child, I enjoyed my grandparents' guineas, but my father didn't like their noise, so he got rid of them. I missed them. I'm enjoying yours now.

  8. It's called "sharing"...Crazy guineas...good start with the decor..You have the knack..Don't sell yourself short!! Love the letters. The sunsets have been beautiful this week..

  9. An American in TokyoNovember 28, 2017 at 7:09 PM

    The guineas are funny! Love the photo on the swing, just enjoying the sun! And also the video! Too funny!

    You are so creative!
    I wish we were neighbors so that we could exchange craft ideas and recipes in person! =D

  10. Ah... there are quite a few of you who I wish were my neighbors....oh the fun we could have!!!

  11. I have been thinking about getting guineas in the coming year to help us with this annoying problem with fleas we have had. To warm and not cold enough to kill the little buggers, and I didn't let the chickens free range over the summer and now we are seeing the terrible results.
    Tell me, do the guineas scratch up gardens like the chickens do? I've heard they are a bit more gentle on landscape. Although they can be loud!!

  12. I have not had an troubles with guineas and gardens. Chickens, on he other hand, can destroy a garden.

  13. Now that was funny! Peekaboo guineas!! And that sunrise... How I would love to join you for coffee and watch all the animals start their day. Such a beautiful sunrise.
    I love that cabinet, and really like what you have done to it.


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