Monday, September 25, 2017

Cider Making

Summer has exited and Autumn snuck in almost silently.
We are still in the grips of summer weather...
warmer than it actually was most of the time this summer.
Funny how that happens!

We held our first annual Apple Harvest Day this weekend.
Four generations gathered to pick apples...

chop apples...

scrunch apples....

and finally, to press the juice out of the apples...

resulting in fresh, homegrown apple cider!

It was the most delicious cider I have ever had!

(Perhaps because I was intimately involved in the process from start to finish.)

It was definitely a lot of work...
and I am pretty sure that it is a little heavy on the work side of the
work/cider ratio.

Although everyone agreed that it was hard work...
we all agreed that we want to do it again on a yearly basis.

This was the perfect year for apples.
The frequent rains made for big, juicy fruit.
Many thanks to my kids for going together and gifting us the cider press last Christmas!
And many thanks to my family for making the day a blast!

In addition to fresh cider, a picnic in the pavilion was our reward
for all of our physical labor.

I have to say, though, the best part of any family day is the grands!

Earlier in the day, we watched Tyler play soccer.
I am so proud of this little fellow.  He is kind and sweet... so very wonderful to be around.

Baby Easton is the happiest baby...
he happily joins in with whatever the activity might be.

And my little farm girl in the making...

 just makes my heart sing!
She loves the animals...

and is always ready for any farm adventure that happens to come along.

Learning the joy of gardening...

Learning to care for the animals...

Gathering eggs...

These three kiddos have given me so many precious that I will cherish
as they grow older.
I only hope that I have given them memories that they, too, will carry throughout their lives...
looking back on their time at the farm with fondness.


  1. The cider looks scrumptious and the cake to die for!!! As far as memories for the grands you don't have a thing to worry about!!

  2. It sounds as if the cider making process was fun for the entire family. The cider looks delicious. I laughed out loud at the picture of the little farm girl sitting in the raised bed. That is so cute.

    I'm sure your grand babies will have lots of great memories from time spent with you at the farm.

  3. Looks like everyone had a great day, despite the hard work. The time spent with family is always precious.

  4. What a beautiful way to spend some family time. Will the bottles of cider store just like that, or is there a process to keep it fresh?

  5. What a great family tradition-apple picking and cider making! Some of the best memories I have are spending quality time with both sets of grandparents. One grandpa loved wrestling and boxing, the other one loved card tricks and basketball. Both grandmas had a love for cooking and gardening. I am glad I have wonderful memories of all of them even at age 51 I can look back and say, I was very loved and I certainly learned a lot!

  6. Dear Beverly,
    What a process it is to make cider, but looks delicious, and it is such a good learning experience for the children.. How lucky your grands are to have you and the all you share with them. I always thought farm life was the best place to raise a family.

  7. diane in northern wisSeptember 25, 2017 at 9:35 PM

    You can believe that your grands will have the most marvelous tales to tell of their visits to your farm when they grow up. What a wonderful gift you and your hubby are giving them by sharing your wonderful place and your wonderful animals and teaching them what farm life is all about. Blessings to you both for all the good you are doing and for sharing your wonderful place with your family and friends. As I've said before.....sure wish I lived next door!

  8. The cider press output looks wonderful!
    Love the grandchildren LOVE . . .


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