Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Fun

Look who's been hiding out deep in the recesses of the
Echinacea flower box next to the greenhouse.

Apparently this young lady has decided that she likes

nesting amidst beautiful blossoms.

It's obvious that this is not her first or second time!

It would be fun to let her hatch out a brood...
but, oh my, what would we do with a whole flock of turkeys?
So... I think we will remove these eggs from time to time.
Sorry, Ethel!

We had special farm visitors on Friday... the whole way from Delaware!

Donna, Katelyn, and Sandy drove four hours to see the farm and to meet the critters!
The critters were quite happy as their visitors brought Ritz crackers with them.
We had a lovely visit (after establishing that neither they nor I were axe murderers!)
It is kind of funny to think that we made these plans never having set eyes on each other before.
It just goes to show you... we have soul "mates" all over the world... and it's nice to take a chance
and meet some once in a while!
Thanks for the visit, girls....and Ginger and MaryAnn thank you for the Ritz!!

On the subject of snacks...
Ginger and MaryAnn make it their business to inspect the sheep yard every morning

looking for apples or pears that have dropped from the orchard trees.

And every morning their efforts are rewarded.

As for me... it's nice to have someone always available to keep the ground clean from dropped fruit!

And back to the subject of visitors...
Tyler spent Friday and Saturday with us.

We filled his time with swimming and farm chores
and a trip to a local exotic animal rescue, T&D Cats of the World.
If you are local... look them up.  
They run a great rescue for big cats and other animals 
that have been confiscated from private (illegal) breeders, 
 small zoos that don't properly care for their animals,
and people who are crazy enough to think they'd like to own an exotic animal.

Their enclosures are large and lush...
and if you are lucky enough to come upon an animal that has come out of hiding...

you will be able to get up close and personal!

We just loved this 3 year old male lion.
He was born in captivity and came from a small zoo that didn't properly care for him.

He was undernourished and sick....but with lots of good veterinary care,
the proper diet, and room to roam, he has flourished into this majestic beast!

There are several black bears...

as well as wolves, coyotes, tigers, servals, foxes, otters, assorted monkeys and much more.

Tyler enjoyed feeding the deer...
but didn't like their slimy saliva!

Such beautiful animals...

it's great to see them so well cared for and with lots of room to roam.

Speaking of well-cared-for... our Sammie is getting used to being pampered...
being transported by gator every where that we go...

Most of the time he seems happy enough just watching all of the activity.
Occasionally he forgets and tries to join in.
But, overall... he's doing well and seems happy.

Sunday we drove to Pittsburg and back for our nephew's graduation party..
leaving the farm in the capable hands of neighbors.

Today will be this week's only blog post.
Today I bid you and July adieu!
I am leaving tomorrow morning for Bethany Beach... with girlfriends...
something I have never done... a short vacation from the farm without Hubbs!
Hubbs will take care of everyone while I am gone... 
but I don't think you will see any blog posts from him in my absence.

So... I will see you in one week!
I will be back with tales from the farm next Monday.
Meanwhile, I will send you sunny hugs from the Delaware coast!
Pictures from the beach will be on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Lovely post as usual. Looks like an amazing place that takes in and looks after all those wonderful animals. Have a lovely break.

  2. Wow, that lion has such soulful eyes. So glad there are folks to take care of these neglected beings. What a wonderful lesson for Tyler.

    Enjoy your gal time! How will hubby manage without you? ;0D

  3. Have a great time. I miss the beach. Xxoo

  4. Bev, thank you so much for your hospitality!! We had such a great day! You are a wonderful, warm, heartfelt woman (not an axe murderer!!)whom I am so glad to have met!! Thank you for sharing your life and your critters with us all!!


  5. diane in northern wisJuly 31, 2017 at 11:35 PM

    Have a ton of fun, Bev! We'll miss you! See you later alligator!

  6. You will miss your farm, even after a short trip away.
    I've had several visitors to our place after "meeting" on the blog. It is always a great experience for us! It is so funny when a broody gal is intent on having a family, you will find them in the most unusual places ( as your Ethel) I once found a hen sitting in a bin of nails on a dozen or so eggs! I removed her promptly and tossed the eggs.

  7. Enjoy your getaway.
    I enjoyed the wild animal rescue.
    Looks like Tyler is becoming quite the farm helper!

  8. Have a great vacation, Beverly... I really enjoyed this post.


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