Friday, July 28, 2017

No Potato Famine Here!

Yesterday morning after morning chores were complete,
I decided to stop by the garden to pick some produce.

I had a little extra time on my hands and started weeding the potato box...
and realized that the potatoes were ready for digging.

So, Hubbs grabbed a shovel and we started to dig...

By the time we were done we had harvested about 30 pounds of potatoes.

Amazingly... all of these potatoes came from just two seed potatoes...
a big reward from a small investment!

They are now drying in a cool, dark part of the barn.

You might remember me talking about the milkweed that I left growing in the garden
in front of our house.
Well, I was rewarded for the decision to let it grow!
A beautiful Monarch happened to stop by and eat...

Hopefully we will have eggs laid somewhere on the plants...
I'll keep you updated if I see any signs of reproduction.

Well, we are again at the end of another week.
The weekend is to be rainy... 
so it looks like we got through yet another week without having to water!
Tyler will be spending today and tomorrow here at the farm...
so our days will be filled with adventure.

Hope your weekend is filled with adventure as well!!
Hugs from the farm (because we need more hugs in this world!!)
See you Monday!


  1. So nice to be able to pick your dinner from the garden. Great too that you have your own potato digger. Have a wonderful weekend. I wish you could send some of the rain over Texas way.

  2. I am sure that the rain will not stop you having fun with Tyler and with all those wonderful animals you are bound to have a good time, come rain or shine. Last couple of days here in UK have been very wet and windy (typical British summer) and we are forecast more rain for the weekend. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. That is amazing. So many potatoes from just two others. Love red potatoes ! Makes me want to have a raised bed next summer and try to grow some potatoes and other veggies.
    Enjoy the rainy weekend. I have plans to do some cross stitching.
    Always enjoy your blog.
    Charlotte in Va.

  4. That's quite the bounty! I will have to put potatoes on the list for planting for next season. Like everything else, I'm sure homegrown tastes so much better.

    Have fun this weekend! I hope Tyler brings his muck boots so he can chase Annie in the rain!

  5. I remember when monarch butterflies were everywhere in the summer. Now it's rare to see one. So very sad. Goddamn us and global warming.

  6. Look at all that produce! Rainy??? We are going on over 30 some days without rain! Yes, I've been watering. I think we traded weather! Enjoy your time with Tyler!

  7. One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, etc. Love the Monarch..I have a hard time finding butterflies to photograph..Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Beautiful photos of the milkweed and butterfly! Have a wonderful weekend. I see lots of potato salad in your future! YUMMY.


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