Thursday, June 1, 2017

Who's Eating The Beans?

Something we have no shortage of around here
is rabbits!
In fact, we are over-run with them...
and not just the cement variety!

Of course, when you want to get a picture of a rabbit,
there are none to be found.
Any other time... running all over the place.

This summer, for the first time, I have noticed rabbits in my garden.
Sadly, they have been nibbling on my beans...

and not my green beans (whose seeds are a dime-a-dozen).
No, they seem to have developed a taste for the Chinese Red Noodle beans.

I have had to replant them several times,
and have just resorted to using a rabbit repellant.

I sprinkled some around my newly germinated beans.
Let me tell you, if I were rabbit, there'd be no way I would go after these beans now.
This stuff stinks!
And here is what makes it so putrid...

I am guessing that the reason there are rabbits eating beans this year
is due to the fact that these garden boxes are a bit lower than the old ones.
Instead of sitting on top of the ground, they are dug partially into it.
This was done so that they would be level.

The rabbit explosion might also be due to the fact that a few of our rabbit hunters...

have gotten lazy over the past year!

As for the rest of the garden... 

it is growing like the weeds that are growing 
between the boxes (along with freshly planted grass.)

Eventually I will mow between the boxes.
For now, though, I am allowing the grass to take hold.
This makes the garden a bit unsightly for now.
In the end, I am hoping for a lush green carpet between the boxes. 

We have had plentiful rainfall since we've been home from Iceland.
I have not had to water at all.
There's more rain in the forecast as well...
so we should continue to have a banner garden year...

with, or without the beans!


  1. I guess your fencing doesn't quite keep them out, huh? Little stinkers. You can't really blame them, that stuff is scrumptious!

    How do you irrigate if rainfall is not abundant?
    Your lettuce looks mouth-watering!
    Glad you found a safe solution.

  2. Those rabbits have expensive tastes! Pretty la-dee-dah for bunnies!

  3. I love the rabbits, squirrels, birds, and groundhogs. BUT, they have made the last two gardening years nearly impossible! I've had whole rows just mowed down & seeds plucked up. Like yours, they seem to love the expensive sweet corn seeds the best!

    We have a high fence that keeps the deer out & last year we invested in an electric fence. The pesky squirrels have learned to jump over it!! Last year we had a radio playing constantly to no avail. I have a bunch of wind spinners I'm trying next.

    I'm not sure a dog would help--saw a groundhog chasing our neighbor's 20 pound cat recently. We speculated that it might be a mama with babies.

  4. teddy would love to take care of those bunnies! she would shake them right over the rainbow bridge!

  5. what bout growing one row of repellent plants on the preimeterr of your box or around your boxes on the ground? I am thinking about lavender... mint... rosemary... citronella Maybe do a research on repellent herbs and plants or flowers?

  6. We had trouble with rabbits in our old yard. We just have a courtyard here and hubby painted a board and put it across the gate area so hope no bunnies decide to visit. It is hard enough trying to keep our dog Coco from eating my veggies. Tonight I discovered she had pulled some small Kale out of a pot. Visiting you from Henny Penny. Nancy


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