Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mama Said....

....there'd be days like this,
there'd be days like this,
my Mama said....

Yesterday was one for the books.
You know the kind... where at some point you wish you had just gone back to bed
and pulled the covers over your head.

The kind where you back your John Deere tractor out of the tractor garage,
very meticulously watching the oversize mower deck attached to its middle,
so that you don't side-swipe the garage door opening....
very slowly and carefully backing up with your eyes on the mower deck...
while, unbeknownst to you the bucket on the front of the mower is about to
clip the garage door...

and you end up pulling the front corner right off the garage.
Yup, that kind of day.

And then after you call the contractor and suggest that he be hired on retainer...
because these kinds of things seem to happen all to frequently lately...
the tractor breaks down...
ending up needing a gear box rebuilt.

For about a half hour I had a full blown pity party....
complete with thoughts of selling the farm.

And then I saw this fellow.

And he let me get close and listened to my tale of woe...
without even pulling his head into his shell.
What more could you ask of a friend?
And I realized that moments like this are worth several screwed up garage doors (it's fixable).

life is short...
and sometimes its even shorter.
So we can't sweat the small garage doors and gear boxes.
We have to marvel and be amazed at the small stuff...
like a turtle who's willing to listen to your complaints
with a half-smile on his face!

PS:  I thought it best not to ask this fellow why his nose is on his forehead!
I may have mentioned, however, that turtleneck season is over.

(To answer a question from yesterday:
I find my random fairy garden paraphernalia at local garden centers....
of which we are blessed to have many in this part of the world.)


  1. Love his coloring.. those eyes!

    Seems everyone everywhere had that kind of day at the beginning of this week, I kid you not!

    Let me tell you about the time I was slowly, carefully backing my Volvo out of the garage as I gave instructions to my son, the one standing in the doorway of the hall into the house... with the door of the car partially open so he could hear me.... yeah. Not only did I screw up the garage door frame, the Volvo needed a new door. *sigh.

  2. oh no! i know days like this only too well! that wise old turtle is awesome!

  3. Just as long as nobody was hurt ... as my mother used to say "worse things happen at sea". We all have these kind of days, but thankfully not too often. Hope you feel better today.

  4. GeorgiaHoneyBeeMay 3, 2017 at 6:54 AM

    Beverly - I had a terrible, horrible, no-good day too! It was just one thing after another - and somewhere inside I KNEW not to mutter, "What next??!!" The good news is - TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Full of newness! So! As I work on clearing the aftermath of yesterday, I'm going to be praying that today is SO FABULOUS that yesterday will fall from memory! :-) Hope you have an awesome day too!

  5. The best part is that it's over and you are moving forward. Any day we wake up on the right side of the dirt is a good day! I know this little setback will not deter a true homesteader like you.

    I just know the week will get better and better.

  6. Oh my . . .
    For a minute there I thought a snapping turtle snapped you too!

  7. Today is today, not yesterday or tomorrow just live for today, cute turtle :-)

  8. Don't turn your back on that turtle. I think it's one of those teenage mutant ninja warrior ones!

  9. I can relate. Because of high winds here on Monday, we are still without power! Generator supplying the basics, intermittently. Very cool turtle.

  10. As soon as I saw that "Mama Says" I immediately finished the thought that you posted. lol So funny!

    Yep-life is too short to dwell on the "oh darns". I try to always find the OH GOODY(s) in everyday life. xo Diana

  11. SELL THE FARM?!?! Sure glad that turtle with his nose on his forehead appeared and you came back to your senses!! Xoxo

  12. Love your perspective of the big,overall picture - small things, nature are the truly big things.

  13. I love turtles! Well, I love just about any animal, insect, bird... Anyway he is so handsome. Sorry about all the troubles. Yes, there are days like that unfortunately!

  14. Bev, at least this tells me you are a human like the rest of us. Frankly, I have always thought you have super powers to do all you do!! And do it so well!! In my mind's eye you've always been Superwoman Bev!!

    Thanks for sharing your life on the farm with the rest of us. Love your blogs!

  15. Beautiful turtle..glad you had a friend when you needed one..;)


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