Monday, April 10, 2017

Personal Training At Its Best

Anyone who has ever been on a weight loss program knows...
that an essential part of the program is exercise.

It is almost impossible to lose weight without increasing your level of exercise.

Exercise boosts your metabolism...
helping to burn those calories more efficiently.

Sometimes, however, it is difficult to motivate oneself towards making the exercise commitment.
This is where a personal trainer can make all of the difference!

Here on the farm we have our own personal trainer.

Her favorite game of all is "catch me if you can"...
and the equines are always more than happy to participate.
The donkeys call this game "stomp the would-be-predator".

Annie crouches down on her front legs and barks and off they all go running and chasing.
With most dogs I would worry about the safety of the dog,
but with Annie... no worries.
She is the most agile, athletic dog I have ever met.
She runs and spins and turns on a dime...
and never ever gets caught.

She challenges the donkeys and they seem to love the challenge.
And the calories melt away... in fun!

The donkey weight loss program is going very well.
I have noticed a big difference around their waistlines and hips.
The crests of their necks are much softer now as the fat is diminishing.
I have started to feed one meal of regular hay daily...
the rest of the day they eat hay that has been soaked.
This increases their calories and nutrition slightly, so that they should continue to lose weight, 
but at a little slower pace now.

They have learned to graze through their grazing muzzle,
so time spent in the pasture is rewarding.... 
with much fewer calories being consumed.

In closing...
if you find yourself unable to commit to an exercise routine...
give us a call.
Annie is available for a consultation.
She'll have you kicking up your heels in no time!

We are in the midst of spectacular Spring weather right now.
I have been working in the garden each day,
readying garden boxes and planting seeds.

We've had a visitor since Thursday... Mackenzie's dog, Sam...

my newest constant companion....
will be here at Grammie Camp until tomorrow.


  1. I need Annie in my life... since I am failing miserably at losing the 20 lbs I need to lose. *sigh.

  2. As I sit on my patio with a cup of coffee and a donut, maybe I need a grazing muzzle.

  3. Perhaps that should be my business venture.....grazing muzzles for humans.....No, about tying your hands behind your back!!

  4. Wiring ones jaw shut really works!! Glad fat camps benefits are showing..Sam looks worn out..Must be hard for him to keep up!! Enjoy this beautiful day...

  5. Very entertaining post!

  6. Boy, I could use Annie, too. Wish y'all could put exercise in a bottle and ship it down to Georgia!

    BTW, your post yesterday made a big impact on my shopping for groceries. I've noticed a lot of organic produce and other organic products in my local Publix store. I've been buying farm-raised, cage free eggs for a few years, but I've become more diligent since reading your post. My Costco store has started stocking more organic food, too. Thanks for caring and your information!

  7. An American in TokyoApril 10, 2017 at 9:45 PM

    I need a trainer like Annie!!

  8. A run with Annie would probably bring more results
    than my usual slower walk with Snickers!


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