Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All In A Day

Spring weather arrived yesterday and we all had something to crow about!

There is something rejuvenating about blue skies and sunshine, isn't there?

We are still in the midst of mud season...
but with a little time, things will dry up and become beautiful.
I can hardly wait!

Growing season is here!

The sheep are scheduled for their yearly shearing in two weeks.

They will be so happy to shed their thick wooly fleeces...
and I will be so happy to have more homegrown wool to work with!

Hubbs and I cleaned the winter's muck from inside the sheep houses yesterday afternoon.
That has got to be the stinkiest job on the entire farm.
Sheep really are filthy.
They have a bad habit of pooping where they sleep.

During the summer, it's no problem as they sleep outdoors...
but in the winter....
yuck.... in their houses!

Just wait until you see the difference in these girls after shearing!

I had a pretty creative day yesterday, both in the kitchen and in my craft room.
I baked peanut butter (chunky) cupcakes and frosted half with butter cream
frosting and bacon
(you have not lived until you have had bacon on buttercream...
the perfect blend of sweet and savory....
And half were frosted with dark chocolate frosting and chopped peanuts.


I also have a bit of a confession to share.
I am a knitaholic.
Yes, it's official... I have a very severe addiction to fiber...
and not just any fiber, but good fiber.
Right now I have three projects on needles...

This cowl... which I have finally begun section #3...
is knit from a blend of merino, baby alpaca and silk...

This scarf... which I am knitting in 100% silk... it will be very long and drapey for summer wear...

And this shawl....
knit from cashmere with sequined silk sections in it...

I know... crazy!
I joined a knitting club called the Loops Club.
Each month they send you the yarn and pattern to make a project.
The blue shawl above is March's project.
Goodness... it's like Christmas every month!


  1. How come the sheep don't look dirtier/ poopier?? Can't wait to see them after their haircut.
    Love that knitting!! What good deal the knitting club is for you.

  2. Ohhhh...their butts are a matted, poopy mess!! That part will be discarded!

  3. Those knitting projects will be beautiful when you get completed.

  4. Love the little bee-hive-I think-plate that those yummy cupcakes are on. I once had a cookie jar with that design.
    Your projects are lovely! How do you get so much done? Love your energy!

  5. I do hate mud season! When you live in the country you can't keep floors clean! Knitting is beautiful!

  6. if i could knit like you, i'd be an addict too! it's very springlike here too. i'm sneezing like crazy. and poor teddy is sick. bummer! i need a doctor becky!

  7. I cannot WAIT to see the sheep!! I am living vicariously through you with your flock!

  8. The first picture where the two beautiful, plump sheep are standing in the pasture reminded me of how wonderful it would have been to walk with HIM early in the mornings in the garden in such a beautiful place.
    I'm so thankful that I can still walk with HIM daily in HIS word and in my heart. I try to walk in the park often enjoying the peace of HIS presence.
    I'm currently reading The Good Shepherd and His Sheep, by Philip Keller. It's a wonderful book!
    Thank you for your blog posts🐝🌺

  9. I remember when I was a kid..A friend of mines parents had sheep...just sheep..Why? They smelled awful..I hope they are thankful for their clean habitat..Those cupcakes look and sound delicious..I remember when you were learning to cable..not that long ago..You've come a long way..Beautiful things..I think your mud will be around awhile...Lots of rain in our immediate future...xxoo

  10. No need for confession . . .
    I knew you were a "knitoholic!"
    Good addiction, I'd say . . .

    Sheep dung yuck . . .
    Sounds like a poopy job to me . . .
    Oh my, how to you get "it" out of the wool???

    Sunshine here today, rainy earlier so I have been doing "spring things" indoors!

  11. YUMMY baking and wonderful crafts you have going there ! I remember springs mucky mess on the farm your happy spring has finally sprung but not so happy about the muddy animals and corrals oh well it all goes hand in hand doesn't it ?! I love hearing the animals on the farm down the road from us literately steps away and the hens and rosters , peacocks , geese and goats in the mornings makes me feel like I have never left the farm . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !


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