Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Indoor Recess

It has been rainy, dreary,
and generally putrid outside for most of January.
The temperatures have been pleasant...
but the muck and mud are growing deeper by the day!

Yesterday was just one of those days...
too dreary to leave the house except for the required trips to the barn
for feeding times.
The animals mostly stayed indoors or under shelter as well.
By evening, the rain had turned to ice...making close up time quite treacherous.

I am seriously not complaining as there are areas of our country with horrendous weather conditions.
I am just making an excuse for the fact that I have nothing of much interest to share with you 
that doesn't involve a whole lot of mud!

With the weather too dreary for outside work, I turned my attentions, yesterday,
 to inside projects... sort of like "indoor Recess".  Remember them?
I worked on knitting projects during the morning hours
and sewed during the afternoon...
making a wool, zippered pouch.

A coneflower and bee...

appliquéd and embroidered... all from felted wool.
With no patterns to use...I just "winged" it.

I considered the idea of taking a "rain day" from blogging...
it was just too nasty for carrying my camera.
Instead I decided to just share the day's project.

I also wanted to show you my latest antique find.
You might have guessed by now that I have quite an affection for old scales.
I use them all over the house for decorating.
I found this one the other week at a favorite antique mall.

After about a week of the old "should I?" debate,
I gave in to my desires... returning on Friday to purchase it (and it was reduced!)
I had to... after all it is "The World's Best".

I love the back of it...so friendly.

The sides are mirrored... such attention to detail and aesthetics.

Did I mention that this thing weighs about 75 pounds?
This is the last scale I am buying...ever!
(Ok, well, maybe if the right one comes along at the right price....)
Some women buy shoes... some women buy scales, ok?



  1. If that scale could talk! I love vintage too, especially items that have a practical purpose. I'd rather collect vintage scales than shoes anytime. After all, you only have one set of feet, right?
    We have had rain here too, and I am grateful for every drop as we went long stretches in Florida with no rain. It's a great time to stay home with a good book. Your purse is adorable! So talented.
    Enjoy your indoor recess!

  2. I love, love, love the pouch!! I also can't understand what took you so long to decide on the scales.....just think they could of been gone by the time you got back. You sure make inside recess look fun.

  3. A beautiful vintage scale. I love it.

    Your little pouch is precious too. More so since you made it yourself.

    It's muddy and yucky here too. But, like you said, other areas have it much worse.

    My inside and outside projects have been put on the side lines for now. We've been doing too much hunting. But, that will come to an end next Tuesday. The season will be over until next year.

  4. The scale is gorgeous...so unique from every angle. Your pouch is beautiful and also unique. What a fun way to fill your rainy day.

  5. oh wow! great scale!!! it's awful here too. i seriously need some snow!

  6. That's a beautiful old scale! Doesn't look like it shows any wear at all.

  7. Love, Love the scale!! Someone has to save these old scale and who else but you!!You best be keeping an eye out for the next, ha,ha!! How cute is that bee pouch! Every time I'm out and about and I see something with bees on it, I think of you! Enjoy your day!!

  8. You "wing it" better than most..I worked on and finished next years Christmas cards..Running out of projects..Your scale is gorgeous..great find ! I actually saw the sun for 2 seconds a little while ago..Still pretty gray..

  9. Your " winging " it turned out wonderful . That scale is a beauty what a find indeed . Yes it is still gloomy and dreary here to . cant wait to see some sunshine . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. You are such a creative woman Bev! Love the bee and flower on your felted pouch and the knitting needle bag...what a great way to keep all your needles together. That is one of the prettiest scales I've ever seen. I can't believe all the attention to detail that the manufacturer put into it...what a wonderful conversation piece! Thanks for showing us :)


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