Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here We Go....

"O' Tannenbaum, O' Tannenbaum....how tasty are thy branches!"

The goats are enjoying their pine tree snacks!

Good breath for everyone!

Even the sheep have almost finished off their tree.

We'll leave the trees in their yard until Spring...

they serve a dual purpose...
scratching post and shedding tool!

Yesterday while feeding, I noticed that Star (our older Nigerian Dwarf goat)
has an odd looking udder.

Even Stella was concerned!

I'll have Dr. Becky take a look at it....
 and hopefully it is nothing for concern.

She's been acting normal...eating fine and getting the normal amount of exercise...
so I am guessing that nothing hurts her.

If only our animal friend could talk.
Then again... maybe not... I'd never get any peace around here!!

For example...

Sam:  "Mom.  Hey, Mom.  Mooooooooooommmm..."

"Let's go home.  I need a nap!"

See what I mean?


  1. LOL- I always imagined our farm animals were talking to me-lol Hope that swollen udder is no need for concern. xo Diana

  2. Mom, Mom, Mooooooooommmm!!! Oh my goodness there would be no rest!!!

  3. Yes Miggs gives me looks and I make up what she might be saying to me at least I hope it is nice most of the time lol ! Cute pics and post . It is raining like mad here muddy and puddles everywhere good thing is we are all green and brown again no snow left and mild temps hopping to see some sunshine tomorrow and a bit of drying going on . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Funny...It would be nice sometimes if they could talk..We might not want to know what they are saying or thinking..Sam is still a very handsome boy..Do the animals get sticky from the sap??Maybe by this time, there is no sap?? I hope that Star is OK...

  5. It is a wonder . . . what if "they" could talk . . .
    I hope you find out about Star and the unusual udder . . .
    Always something isn't there . . .

  6. I love reading your posts, Beverly. I hope Star is ok and it is nothing to worry about. Yes, there are times I wish my two dogs could talk. Of course they have their way of letting me know exactly what they want. Example, Jasper will kick the trash can in the kitchen when it's dinner time if I am late.
    Yes, Sam does look like he would like a nap.
    Wishing you a great week.


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