Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm Dreaming of a Canine Christmas

Can you believe it?
Can you believe that Christmas is over?
I am pretty sure that it was just September last week!

We had a perfectly lovely holiday weekend.
Friday and Saturday were filled with get-togethers with friends.
Yesterday, Christmas, was exactly the kind of day I had hoped it would be.
The only thing that could have made it even better would have been snow.

I spent most of the day crammed onto one end of the couch in front of the fire...
beside my vowel "bestest" friend in all the world...
covered by the warmth of a blanket of dogs.

We had four dogs for the weekend...

black Sammie (my son's dog) spent the holiday with us while his family was out of town.

A few trips were made to the barn to share treats with the animals.

Carrots for the horses,


and pigs...

Peppermints (for same)....

And of course Ritz crackers for the sheep and goats.

I love this time of year...
the preparation, the time spent with family and friends,
and then the quiet time at home.
At this time of year I start to look forward...
to the coming year that lies ahead.
My thoughts seem to center around goal-setting and organizing.
2017 is an open book...and I plan on filling the pages with wonderful moments!


  1. Sounds lovely. I think New Year's is my favorite holiday after Thanksgiving. I love new beginnings and look forward to so many wonderful experiences. This year will be even more exciting, as we are moving out of state this week to begin our homestead search.

    Enjoy your goal-making!

  2. "Merry Christmas, Bev." It does look like you had a wonderful day and now can enjoy the aftermath. We got plenty of snow in Ontario for the big day and the temperature was just above freezing. A perfect day. BUT...THE COLD IS ON THE WAY. :( Thank you for sharing such fun pics over the Christmas season and I wish you a few days of rest and relaxation. Hugs to all the critters and the extra woofers, too.

  3. it was just september wasn't it? these last few months seem like a blur! i need snow too.

  4. I love New Years..All the hustle and bustle of the Holidays is over and we have new beginnings to look forward to and a new year to fill with memory making adventures.
    I'm glad you had some time to relax...Have a good week..

  5. Time sure is flying by! I so agree, wasn't it just September. I had thought of leaving all the decoration up til the New Year but I am having second thoughts! We will see what tomorrow holds and if the storage boxes come down. That will all depend on if a Grandson can help. I keep getting shorter and the selves keep getting taller, dang! They say it is going to snow by evening, I sure hope so. Have a great week!

  6. Sweet critters. When I got a chance to be in my recliner, I had 2 very fat cats in my lap.


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