Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter Has Arrived!

Somewhere between Saturday and Sunday
Autumn packed her bags...
taking her colorful adornments to lands faraway...
and Ole Man Winter, in his drab coat of grey and brown, came to stay.

On Friday the front yard looked like this...

by Sunday, this...

And with this change came howling winds...
winds strong enough to keep the donkeys in their shelter,
rip bark off the trees...

and keep the sheep hunkered down in their woods.

Morning chore time is usually a time for our dogs to play with Dr. Becky's dogs,
as we intersect somewhere around the goat pens.

They run and chase and growl and wrestle...
having just the best time rough-housing with each other.

The big dogs don't intimidate little Miss Daisy one bit.

She joins right in, barking, running and biting their tails.

She may be small, but she is quite brave!

Later in the morning, we braved the cold winds and took our yearly traditional hike

 to post the perimeter of our land with "No Trespassing" signs...
in anticipation of the coming hunting season.

A hike in the woods is always exciting for the dogs.
Annie loves the dry leaves 

and swims through a gully of them.

We also spent a little time dismantling the present vegetable garden.
The old (rotting) boxes are being systematically removed...

and carted over to the wood chipper.
Come Spring new boxes will be built and the garden will have a complete makeover.
Even Minerva (our trusty scare"ho" will be made over)!

One thing about this farm life...
we never run out of projects!


  1. So much to do, no matter the season. Looking forward to seeing your new garden projects. Stay toasty!

  2. daisy is soooo cute! we had the same thing happen here. the winds are awesome! we still have them. i can't wait to see your garden next spring.

  3. Ever so much to do on a farm.

    Love the pictures of Daisy playing with the big dogs.

  4. Lovely post and photos . Miss Daisy is beautiful ! Yes ole man winter is upon us here now to BRR ! Have a good day !

  5. Are you going to level your garden or build around the old dirt?? Daisy is the cutest ball of fluff..We had pretty much the same Sunday as as well!!Enjoy your week!!

  6. Thanks Bev, love your blog no matter what you're talking about. I'm surprised I'm not seeing snow on the ground at your place? Did last weekends snow miss you guys? We have snow and ice and more coming in a day or two. I always feel lucky when we can get into December before the snow flies...but such is not the case this year. Oh well, at least the snowmobilers and hunters, etc. will be happy. I love that little daisy dog....such a pretty coat. Fun to see her romping with your dogs!!! Keep up the great blog.

  7. Dear Beverly,
    Little Daisy's stance says it all. She truly is a brave little one.
    Annie just cracked me up playing in the leaves.
    Wishing you and yours a joyful Thanksgiving.
    blessings dear friend

  8. The dogs running and playing together was a joy to see their antics made me smile.

  9. Yikes always so much to do. I love seeing the dogs have fun on your farm...the best place! I think it is good that you don't have vintage trailers..think of all the names you would have to come up with...I thought of this when you named Ms. Driving Ms. Daisy my vintage trailer...heeheee.

  10. Isn't that the truth - never ending projects! Daisy is adorable and I can only imagine how beautiful she will become. Love your dog shots! And I am totally jealous of your dry leaves and dry ground. I can hardly remember what that's like...


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