Tuesday, November 1, 2016

And I Thought We Were Done!

Yesterday started out as most days do...
morning chores... to the tune of the Roos' serenade.

It wasn't until later in the morning...

when I found Red and Ollie dressed for the day...

that I realized that yesterday was actually Halloween.
Since we had celebrated over the weekend,
I lost sight of the fact that yesterday was the actual day.

I thought it might be fun to surprise Hubbs with some festivities when he got home from work
and so I did a little more (spooky) decorating...

set the table...

and dressed for the occasion.

I received this wonderful witch's hat last Halloween from a blogging friend.
You can see her amazing blog here....she's quite an adventurous cook!

I could hardly wait to put an entire outfit together around that hat!

Annie was not thrilled to be dressed as candy corn...
but she was a good sport.

Amanda was in town as well and spent the evening with us...
so we all decided to dress up and visit friends.

Aren't we all hideous?

It was all in good fun...and fun it was!
There is something about dressing up...
takes me back to childhood and the fun we had dressing up for Halloween.

Check out my makeup...


  1. I love your enthusiasm. You guys looked awesome!

  2. Double awesome!!! Hope you had lots of fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing. Great job on the costumes!!

    Enjoy the day, Janie

  3. OMG What fun you guys have! You look great...witchy great..love the make up!Glad you shared it with your neighbors...Love the hat..

  4. Love this! Just swung by October farm and started following too, great blog thanks!

  5. Love this! Just swung by October farm and started following too, great blog thanks!

  6. omg...you are too hysterical! i forgot that i made you that hat!

  7. Great costumes. Love the hat. I follow your friends blog and have seen some of her other great hats.

    Allie is cute as a candy corn.

    The mini's are so cute too.

    great job on the makeup

  8. You all look fantastic! Love the hat.

  9. That's the best witch costume I've ever seen!!
    You guys have too much fun.....

  10. I'm dying of laughter looking at Annie...such a humiliated piece of candy but so loyal!

  11. That dressing up thing . . . SO TRUE . . .
    Brings out the child in us all!

  12. I LOVE the candelabra! I've never seen one with so many arms ~swoon~!
    Costumes are great, even poor little Annie's! I put my Beagle in a UPS man costume - I found it much more hilarious than he did!


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