Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Liberation Day

Finally, enough time has passed.
Fred has grown to full size, and the Roos have lived in their present house long enough
to call it "home."

Yesterday we opened the doors to the Rooster/Turkey yard
and allowed everyone to roam freely.

The Roos thanked us with a hearty song...

and happily did not try hunting me down and flogging me.

Perhaps now that they are free to roam they will be better behaved?
We can only hope.

As for the turkeys...

they investigated the area around the barn and soon moved on to the chicken houses.

Fred found some free food...

while Ethel found Tom.

I could almost hear Tom's heart pounding in his chest
as he puffed himself up as big as could be in order to impress this young lady.

There will ultimately be a bit of a battle between Tom and Fred for Ethel's affections.
Pecking order....it's a real thing....
and it will need to be established.

As for other developments around the farm....

Sadly, we lost a goat on our second day home.
We found Audrey on Sunday morning, gone... it seemed a peaceful passing,
as there were no signs of anything unusual.

Poor Ash, Audrey's momma, did not come out of her house that day.
The two of them were always very close...usually sharing a house.

Now Audrey joins the rest of our farm family on the other side...
she'll be in great company!

The best news is our pond.... filled to maximum.

And on it.... some very happy ducks!


  1. Lovely to have you back safe sound and refreshed, sorry to hear about your goat

  2. So happy you guys had a great trip! And I am sorry about your goat. That is the most difficult aspect of caring for animals. It leaves a mark on your heart when they go. Your photos from the trip were just lovely. I'm a homebody, but I've always wanted to go to Tuscany. Maybe one day...

  3. I'm sorry for the lost of your beloved goat. We had many losses on our small place. It always hurts. We love them while they are here and try to care for them the best we can.

    Sometimes it's not enough as was the case of one of our older cats for the past couple of months. No amount of vetting and medicine helped him. We finally had to let him go.

    Loved seeing your pictures.

  4. Happy you're home, getting back to your usual.
    Sorry about the goat passing.
    Great Roosters on Fence pic.
    And really great news about the rain for you and a filled up pond!
    Happy days for the ducks!

  5. Sorry about the goat, will you replace the goats? The pond looks great! Turkeys are too funny!

  6. sorry about your goat. she had a good life though! so glad you are back on the farm!

  7. Love the bright white roos on the fence! So sorry about the passing of Audrey. I know it is farm life, but still sad. I've been home a week now and finally feel back to normal. How about you?

  8. My internal clock is a little wacky. Been getting up each morning between 3 and 4....and ready for bed by nine.....I am stuck in another time zone!!

  9. Glad everyone is free..I hope it is still working out and that you are still safe....So sorry to hear about Tawdry Audrey..She was a favorite of mine..Pretty coloring..I'm sure the ducks and the fish are happier in the 'Big" pond..It should be OK for some time to come what with Hurricanes and such..


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