Monday, October 17, 2016

A Mini Hike

Most Sundays, weather permitting, we take the dogs for a hike.
They love it.
We love it.
Autumn is our favorite time to hike...
and there are so many places for us to explore right around the farm.

Yesterday afternoon we gathered the dogs and headed out.
We thought it might be fun to take a couple of the horses,
so we took the Littles.

Red and Ollie were happy to accompany us.

We headed out our back driveway...

Hubbs with Ollie,
and me with Red.

We hiked through woods, meadows, up hill and down...

 eventually ending up at our front driveway,
where we stopped for a little lovin'.

I am sure these two boys had just as much fun as we did.

Lovin' time always gets a little silly...
thanks to Ollie.

It was a perfect weekend with the Littles....equine and human...

Can you believe how big these two are getting?


  1. How lovely to take the horses on a walk I am sure they will have loved there adventure :-)

  2. Looks like a perfect weekend..What a great idea to take the littles along on your walk..I'm sure they loved it..Beautiful weekend.

  3. Sweet walk with your littles . . .


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