Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Secret To Slowing Time

Oh, how I love this time of year.
The days have shortened a bit and evenings are quite chilly.

The last of summer's color (and the best of summer's color) hangs on until
that first frost chases it away.
It seems to take forever for Spring's plantings to become full and lush like this...
and then suddenly one night it is all gone.

The ground remains parched, and the leaves are falling off the trees
brown and crunchy.
I doubt that this year's fall foliage will be colorful.
It's been too dry.

As I go about my afternoon chores, I throw some hay to the horses
and pause for a while to watch them eat.

I love how this mis-matched group of equines has grown to be such a tight-knit family.

They stick together like glue...
all day and all night.

Each night as I lead them up to their pastures,
the ones left behind whinny their displeasure.
Once all of them are re-united peace returns to the herd.

Their pecking order seems to be organized by size...
with Moonbeam the herd alpha.

I have never witnessed any discord amongst them...
they just seem to love each other.

Red's abscess is healing rapidly.
This will soon be nothing but a memory and a temporary scar.
Isn't that amazing?

I have to admit... I am finding it quite hard to stay focussed this week.
The packing is done and the farm has been readied for our absence.
There are a few errands left to run before we leave.

I am so excited for this trip.
It will not be a restful vacation...not one for catching up on reading.
No, this trip will be an adventure...
many miles, many sights, many activities.

We will slow down in the middle of the two weeks for a five day stay in Tuscany with friends.
This is the part of the trip that appeals the most to me.
Wrapped around each side of those 5 days will be visits to Rome, the Amalfi Coast,
Pompeii, and traveling by train to Florence and Venice.

And by the way....
the secret to slowing time is looking forward to something really exciting ...
the time passes so much slower!

"Ciao, amici, ci vediamo domani!"


  1. Enjoy your adventure and tell us all about it when you get back!!

    Have a great vacation, Janie

  2. What a trip that will be! I'm happy for you and jealous all at the same time, LOL!

  3. Sounds wonderful.A trip of a life time..actually, you've had a couple of those..The scenery on this one should be amazing..What an adventure..Happy for you..Enjoy.
    It seems you have found the secret to slowing time..I guess that's why days seem to go so fast for me.. xxoo

  4. Enjoy every second and every inch of your vacation. I have always dreamed of seeing the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps one day.

  5. haha...practicing your italian? it comes back so fast when you are there. i can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Your sweet pups and horses will be missing you. Sounds like a glorious trip.

  7. Avventura - dolce far niente - avventura = perfetto!!
    A domani, grazie :-)

  8. Oh my, I am in Tuscany!! Currently Florence! Going on wine tour Friday, excitement. Had a wonderful time in Rome! Leaving Saturday for the coast with trip to Cingue Terre, plus other visit. Yes, a trip of my life!! You will love it, June

  9. Your little equine family is beautiful. So size determines hierarchy? As in the little guy is boss? :) Beautiful pictures of your dog, and your colorful flowers.

    Italy vacation? Oh my, that is a dream of mine! Hope it is everything you're imagining, and more! The quiet 5 days with friends in their home sound the most appealing to me as well...and I totally hear you about the slowing of time. Just like Christmas when we were children!

  10. Lovely photos . One of my favorite movies is under the Tuscany Sun you lucky duck I would love to go to Tuscany . The animals will miss you and you them for sure but you will have all kinds of adventures and hope lots of photos to share with them and us when you get back . Have a safe and wonderful trip .

  11. You will fall in love with Italy--the food, the sights, the light (Rome's light is just amazing), the smells, the people, and, of course, the wine. Andiamo!


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