Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Either Need To Relax, Or Buy A Smaller Fork!

Yesterday morning around 7:30 I had finished morning chores
and decided it was time to clean the front pasture.

With muck buckets and my favorite manure fork I drove the gator into the pasture...
my three trusty sidekicks with me.

I had already cleaned the upper pasture where the horses had spent their night.
I do that every morning after they come back to the barn for breakfast.

I am a fanatic about clean pastures.
Besides the fact that I hate to see manure lying around,
it is healthier (from a parasite standpoint) 
for all of the animals to not be grazing where they drop manure.

"I might be just a little crazy," I thought, as I cleaned up sheep and pig manure in the front pasture.

Does anyone else do this?

Now, granted, their manure is much smaller than the horses.
However, with a diet rich in grass, they leave piles much the same size as a large dog.

My rationale is this...
if it fits on a manure fork, I'm cleaning it up.
I might be the only human on the face of the earth doing this, however.

Please...tell me.... do you clean up your sheep or pig manure?
Or am I the only crazy one here?

Ok...don't tell anyone....but I have been known to also clean up piles of sheep-berries.
(I need to invent a smaller fork!)

Oooohhhh....I just had a thought....a pasture vacuum!  Hmmmmmm.


daisy gurl said...

Instead of the Roomba, the Zoomba (since you have so many animals)! Do you compost all that good stuff?

Safe travels on your trip. Enjoy.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I bet you have the cleanest pastures in America! Maybe in the world!

Beverly Frankeny said...

We do compost all of our manure!!! I have the greatest fertilizer for gardens, hayfields, etc. We take our composting very seriously!

Lynne said...

I agree . . .
Bet you have America's cleanest pastures . . .

Missy George said...

You have the cleanest pastors I have ever seen. I'm sure the animals appreciate it but really, do they care? It's nice that you do that . I would think it would keep the flies down as well. Tomorrow's the big day ..have fun and be safe. Much love

Nuri said...

Such a workout before a long flight!!
Buon viaggio e splendissime vacanze!

deodar said...

I don't pick up the manure in the horses' large pastures but I do in their yard. We regularly drag the large pastures to break it up. I also pick up the pig poop and even sweep up as many of the goat 'marbles' as I can in their yard. FYI check out Valley Vet, in the pet supplies they have what I call an apple picker junior - a mini manure fork! Works great for the dogs.

diane in wis said...

I will be thinking of you and praying for safe traveling for you and your hubby for your big trip. Have a wonderful time and I will try to check in on facebook to see how things are going! Enjoy!


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