Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Day Off

I am sitting here (late last evening) writing a quick post
while eating a scrumptious piece of blueberry buckle.  (recipe in this old post)
You need to make this recipe.
(This time I used pecans instead of walnuts... scrumptious!)

I spent the better part of the evening with my friends on my lap...

It's always a sweet thing when I sit down in the evening.
My lap is never empty.

It could be a cat or one of two dogs that occupies this space...
and often it is two at a time.

It was a crazy day.
Wednesday is my usual day off from farm chores...many thanks to our neighbors and friends,
Jim and Kathy, for taking over the chores one day a week!
This gives me a day each week to schedule appointments and run errands.
Yesterday was spent doing just that.
Before I left for the day, I put a load of wash in the washer.

When I came home and opened up the washer door,
I was met with this scene...

Well, I never have seen anything so bizarre in my life!
Apparently something in the wash caught on a drain pipe that is housed in the 
rubber gasket around the opening to the washer.

As the washer spun... the laundry that was hooked spun and spun
until it eventually ripped the gasket right off.

The machine is still under warranty.
But the rest of my day was spent on the phone with Samsung
and then Lowes (trying to obtain a copy of the sale from Lowes).
Apparently I did not buy it from Lowes as I had thought.
(The poor girl in Customer Service tried so hard to find me in the computer,
until I finally realized that I had probably purchased the washer from Best Buy instead.)
Receipt located. (From Best Buy)
Said washer will be fixed next week. (I hope!)

All I can say is...
I need a day off from my day off!

PS....Happy September!
I am keeping Mackenzie for several hours today.
What fun we will have!


  1. I would freak out if I opened my washer and discovered that!

  2. That's very weird.. Did you get the wrinkles out of your clothes? Love your Blueberry Buckle..Yum
    My lap is almost always empty unless Max decides to give me a few minutes..never stays long..Mollie seems to prefer the closet.

  3. "A Day Off" - and I thought there wouldn't be a blog post :-( but, wrong! :-) Instead, the loveliest photos of evening lap time (sounds strange but you know what I mean)! Of course, the washing machine was a bit of a terrorist - no wonder you need a day off from your day off!! - but I hope the problem will soon be solved.

  4. What a "freak out" in the washer . . .
    Happy you remembered where you purchased . . .
    Repairs on their way . . .


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