Friday, July 1, 2016

On Independence

Grammie Camp is officially over.
(And let me say... the quiet is deafening!)
It's funny... at the beginning of our 8 days my brain hurt from trying to process the never-ending
chatter.  After all, I spend most of my days alone or with animals.
Conversation is a rare thing.
However, at the end of the 8 days it seems almost unnatural to have so much silence.

It may be no surprise to you that my purse is now adorned with Skylanders stickers.
What? You don't know Skylanders?  Consult your local six-year-old.

I knew that Sponge Bob wore square pants... 
but I had no idea that he lives in a pineapple under the sea.
(I may have needed these past 8 days more than I knew...
obviously my knowledge of pop-culture is sorely lacking.)

Now here is where it gets really juicy.
If you know me well.... make sure you are sitting down.
I have a confession to make.
I may have partaken in a Hamburger Happy Meal or two over the past few days.
No McDonalds workers could ever have picked me out of a lineup for at least the past 20 years.

Strike that....guilty as charged.... 
"Yes, Officer....blond, big nose, bird legs, late 50's, dark glasses, farmer's tan....

ordered a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal and a Hamburger Happy Meal... no soda, though...
Yes, that's her right there ... number 3."
Book'm, Danno!

(To explain...I am quite particular about what I eat.... maintaining a diet of healthy,
fresh, clean real food....
with the scales heavy on the vegetable side.

Fast food?  Just cannot bring myself to do it.  My conscience won't allow it.
Enter one six-year-old (who is a picky eater...obviously not my genes)
and I am blown out of the water...
my cheeks stuffed with the most delicious cheeseburger in the history of eating.

And the amazing thing about it is... it didn't kill me as I had feared.
However, my garden awaits... and it's back to clean eating... slow foods!

And since none of you would ever guess this about me...
apparently I look just like a fairy princess when I have my nightgown on.
Out of the mouths of babes.

It was a good week.  A great week, really.

So, here I am back behind the wheel of the lawn tractor...
mowing my heart out,
catching up with laundry and ironing,
and as always, trying to keep up with the weeds.

With the Fourth approaching, I took a little time yesterday afternoon to decorate.
We will be having a Make-Your-Own Pizza party with friends in the pavilion on Sunday.
Flags and swags are hung.

A serving station was constructed... an old panel door atop two whiskey barrels.

Firecracker centerpiece... made from old sawed-off landscape timbers.

This project only cost me the price of one can of blue spray paint.

And stars... on the walkway up to the pavilion...

painted with construction marking paint (not permanent, and sprays upside down).

I made a not-so-perfect star stencil out of cardboard.
(Perfect stars are much harder than you would think.)
BTW... this works on grass as well.  Just in case you feel the urge.

New lights are hung around the perimeter of the pavilion.

I love, love, love this space...
and we have many happy memories of times spent here with loved ones!

Of course, no holiday is complete without a little help from the critters!

They are always ready for a party...

and quite used to my nonsense!

Happy Fourth of July weekend to you and yours!
Be careful with those fireworks!


  1. Beautiful photos, i admire your eating habits

  2. McDonald's!!!!!!!šŸ˜± Your stars came out great. I thought they were plastic before I saw how you made them..the pavilion looks very inviting. Have a fun fourth.

  3. Oh no! Not McDonald's! Unbelievable! So glad you didn't die. The pavilion looks wonderful. You do so much in such a short amount of time , looks like a great way to celebrate the fourth. Enjoy. I know the animals will.. xxxooo

  4. You DO NOT have a big nose! Terri C

  5. Your place is always so beautiful!
    McDonalds?!?!?! Ack!!! The best ever burger is Sonic's JalapeƱo Cheeseburger with a side of their onion rings!! I only allow myself this indulgence about once every couple of months or so and it is sooooo worth it! LOL Especially those onion rings! LOL

    Hugs from CO ... Marcia

  6. I now am on the Free healthy Eating. Thumbs up. Been on it now two weeks. I eat the mixed nuts and the cranberries mixed in. Never felt better.

    Less on sweets as it is not good for the brain or metabolism. I drizzle Extra Virgin oil on the greens.

    I love the tomatoes, the greens, the peppers.

    Thumbs up for you. Your so blessed to be really 100% clean healthy living on a farm.

  7. If I can't live this life in person I am so glad I can come here and live it through your blog! Love it all as usual! Happy 4th!

  8. I am with you on fast food but dang those golden arch hamburgers do taste good. Now, is this the first year the sheep had whirligigs coming out of the top of their heads? Where they okay with that? I am very jealous of the pizza oven and pavilion. Have a wonderful fourth!

  9. What a great post! I have to admit that I love McDonald's cheeseburger a little too much! have a great 4th, Bev!

  10. You look like a fairy princess with your nightgown on is the absolute sweetest words I've ever heard :}!!!
    everything looks great and I completely understand the fast food spell,lol.

  11. Oh and I agree with terry. You do NOT have a big nose!!

  12. mcdonald's and little kids...a match made in heaven! i love mcdonald's but i never eat it. i had been a vegetarian for 15 years until i got pregnant the first time and what did crave? mcdonald's hamburgers with extra pickles! have a great weekend! happy 4th!

  13. Big nose and bird legs vs. fairy princess...I think we all agree with Tyler! However, I'm with you on the culinary choices - Team Veggies. Happy 4th of July~

  14. I'm stealing that idea about the stars on the grass! I am not a grass fan anyway!
    Glad you survived Grammie Camp! Silence can indeed be golden. ;0D

  15. Festive and Fun . . .
    You seem to make it so . . .
    (I imagine it was a HUGE " step out of the box" for you eating that Mickey D's burger!)
    Love your star idea and your firecracker centerpiece!
    Happy weekend . . .


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