Friday, July 22, 2016

Dragonfly Afternoon

It's been hot and dry...
we've had no rain in weeks.
The earth is parched and the grass is getting brown.

Because the sky has been so clear and blue, our nights have been unseasonably cool.
Our afternoons....blistering.

Afternoons are generally quiet these days.
Animals, who spend their nights grazing, prefer to find a comfortable place to sleep.

Why they sleep in the hot sun, however, is a mystery to me!

I took my camera to the pond yesterday afternoon and found a cool spot to sit.
The pond is scum-covered from the heat of the sun and lack of rain.
I sat there and watched... looking for any and all signs of life around the pond.

The koi seemed curious with my presence and one by one came close to shore to get a better look.

I was amazed at how quiet it was.
Even the songbirds seemed to be napping.

The only critters who appeared unaffected were the insects.

I watched several tiny butterflies flit from stone to stone beside the water...
each no bigger than a nickel.

As I sat on the shore of the pond, this little "skimmer" type dragonfly sat close to me on a stick.
(I have always been fascinated by dragonflies 
and for years felt a sort of spiritual connection to them.)

He would leave and return, leave and return.

Finally deciding to stay, he lifted his abdomen high straight into the air...
a behavior know as obelisking.

Dragonflies do this presumably to decrease the surface area that the sun beats down upon....
keeping their abdomen as cool as possible.
Dragonflies breathe through their abdomens, so this keeps the air from warming too much as they respire.

It is said that if a dragonfly sits with you it is because he wishes to communicate with you.
Because of his short life span, apparently everything he does has a purpose.
And so, I just sat and listened.... and listened.
And what he told me is that if one sits perfectly still and pays attention with all of his/her senses... 
being completely present in the moment...
one can live a happy life in a single day!

So, let's take the advice of the dragonfly.
Let's live each moment as if it were the only moment we have!

Have a wonder-full weekend filled with wonderful moments!!
See you Monday with more Tails from the Farm.


  1. a very wise thought! in sweden, dragonflies are called troll spindles.

  2. Beautifully said, nice post. Great pictures. Your koi are huge.

  3. what a beautiful and light philosopher! thanks for this dragonfly's tail.

  4. Lovely post and photos and soo true ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  5. My dad crossed over to heaven in 1985 and every since then, dragonflies are beside me a lot of the time. There is no water around where I live but when I am on the riding mower, a dragonfly follows me around the yard. I can be sitting outside and there will be a dragonfly close by. I know it is my dad and I am appreciative. Sometimes I wonder if he follows me around on the mower to make sure I am "doing it right." Lol.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Very wise . . .
    Sit very still . . . happy moments . . . beautiful day!

  8. hi beverly...just learned of a farm where owners raise dwarf nigerian goats, and with the milk make
    cheese...if you have the time to click on the youtube video to watch the little guys...they are loved as you do your guys...

    sunflower farm creamery
    12 harmon way
    cumberland, maine 04021

    take care...sally

  9. hey Bev,,, hot here too! thank goodness evening (after 9pm) cools down...
    Lots of dragon flies flitter across the lawn after the sprinklers go off... but... we have a terrible frog invasion! uuggh!,, gotta watch where we step as well as make sure the lil buggers don't squirt through the door to get into the house... our cats are pretty much un-impressed with the frogs... and the Cranes have not stopped by lately for their 'all you can eat froggie buffet'... lol!
    Take care & hugz


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