Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's a Good Life

As I sit here at my desk, it is past 10 PM and I have just tucked Tyler in for the last time (for a while).
This is the first few moments of quiet time that I have had all day.
This particular little six-year-old loves to share each and every thought that comes into his head...
so our days were filled with much conversation.

He has kept me in stitches and touched my heart so many times these past days.
It's been a precious time...
one that I will always cherish, and hopefully one that he will remember forever.

To top it all off...Tyler lost his first tooth last night.
He laughed through happy tears...
unable to believe that he had been able to pull it out all by himself...
wishing that he were still in school so that he could show all of his friends.

We spent last evening saying goodbye to his farm friends...

And although there is much for me to catch up with around the farm,
and my free time will be greatly enjoyed...
I will miss his warm small hand in mine, his freely given hugs and kisses,
and that "I love you, Grammie" that I have heard several times daily.

These are gifts that I will keep wrapped inside my heart...
knowing his hand will never be as small as it is right now,
and that its presence within my own may one day be just a memory.

I realize all too well just how fleeting life is
and how important these moments are.
I pray that these moments will last as sweet memories long after I am gone.

Life is good...Love makes it better.


  1. Awesome post! Makes me want to go hold my 3 year old's hand!!!

  2. Beautifully said. Brings a tear to My eye..happy for you

  3. I feel the same way about my 5 year old grandson. Having watched our own children grow up way too fast, we know how quickly time passes!

  4. Beautiful writing, Bev.

  5. what a wonderful time the 2 of you had! does tyler have a favorite animal?

  6. His love for the animals is apparent, and it looks like they feel the same way.
    So glad you created this memory together. Some day he'll be helping you with the heavy lifting! ;0D

  7. I just started weeping when I read this because it is so beautifully said. My heart melts.

  8. Nice one there. That kid is courageous i cant touch donkey.

  9. An American in TokyoJuly 4, 2016 at 3:26 AM

    What a lucky little guy!
    I hope he has lots and lots of good memories of this past week with you! =)

  10. Oh My Stars! look how big Tyler is,, seems like just yesterday you and I were chatting about his arrival into the world... has it been that long? and don't blink... b-4 ya know it, he'll be driving, and then introducing his future wife to grammie and grampa...


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