Monday, May 16, 2016

Catching Up....

Has it really only been three days since we last chatted?
It seems like longer.
What a fun and busy three days it was....
I can hardly wait to tell you about it.

Let's start with Friday.
You might remember that Friday was our scheduled visit from the preschoolers.
I had hoped for a nice day, weather-wise, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Amazingly, the rain did not put a damper on our day.
Thirty-five or so three to five year olds arrived with their parents or grandparents...
with raincoats, umbrellas, galoshes and lunches.

Amidst drizzle and small showers we visited all of the animals,

stuffed the goats and chickens with Ritz crackers
and hugged the donkeys.

In spite of, or maybe because of the rain the kids seemed to have a blast.
 They were oh, so sweet and so respectful of the animals.
Each of them used his/her very best manners... 
making it truly a joy for all of us...
especially the animals.

Our entire weekend was filled with the weirdest of weather.

Sun, rain, sun, hail, sun rain...
it seemed to change every fifteen minutes

When the sun was out (and also while it hailed),
we worked in the garden.
(Amanda was here on Sunday to help with gardening.)

Most of the garden boxes are planted and growing.

red cabbage and kohlrabi
The few that are not planted yet will be finished by the end of this week.

The weeds are almost all gone.

sugar peas, radishes, onions, Swiss chard
Things are looking quite good...
but in a few weeks will look even better.

kale, two varieties and carrots
During the rainy bouts, I did a bit of sewing for our Pink Fairy.
I made her a pair of Bee bloomers with a matching headband...

and matching sun hat...

 I also drew up a pattern for a cross-back apron dress for her
and sewed a reversible prototype.

When all of the work was done, we enjoyed a dinner from the garden.
Frozen blueberry margaritas from last year's blueberries...
(I've got to say....I am loving these....)

Cream of Asparagus (from the garden) soup...

Apple walnut chicken salad on a bed of garden lettuce,
the very best buttermilk biscuits 

And for dessert, Amanda made a rhubarb (from the garden) tart...

It looks as though we are going to have another week with barely any sun.
(two days are predicted and only one day next week....geesh!)
Regardless of the weather, we will fill our days with goodness 
and enjoy every fun-filled moment.
And you can bet...
we'll share all of the drizzle and fun with you!


  1. Wee ones rarely allow a bit of rain to damper their spirits. We can all learn from them.
    Your veggies are gonna be lovin' that rain!

    The apron and outfit are adorable! What a blessing to be able to make clothes for your dear ones.

    Enjoy your week, Beverly! We are supposed to be getting some of that rain and it is welcome to visit our homestead all week long! ;0D

  2. Nice to see kids out in nature whatever the weather. Love the outfits for your wee one. You're such a great seamstress. Your gardens are coming along well. Here in Ontario, Canada we wait until the end of May to plant. Right now my seedlings are busting out of their pots and anxious to get in the ground. Good times ahead. :)

  3. Great post . . .
    School trips are great fun for the kiddos, teachers, parents too.
    Looks like you made it a great day even with the rain, drizzle and mud!
    Biscuits, margaritas, rhubarb tart . . . I am sure it was YUM all the way around..
    And the Bee Hat and Dress . . . adorable!

  4. wow, now that was a weekend!!

  5. i bet the kids had a blast! what memories! it was crazy here too but i think we are in for sun and heat. we had a whiteout for about 5 minutes yesterday!

  6. It's a beautiful day today..I see bloomers with those aprons..Very cute!!Glad the rain didn't put a damper on the day for the kids!! We didn't have any hail!! Your garden is taking shape..Those biscuits look yummy..Great weekend , for sure..Happy Monday


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