Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Winds

Strong winds ushered in the month of March!

With manes and tails flying,
the equines have been taking their breakfast in the front pasture
beneath a dramatic sky.

I spread piles of hay around where grass is hibernating.

The winds lift and carry the hay,
spreading it out even further.

The horses don't mind a little wind and proceed to follow the trails left by blowing hay
as Annie watches over them.

The donkeys are not fans of howling winds,
and prefer the protection of the barn....

the look in their eyes imploring...
"Can we please have our breakfast indoors?"

Hang in there girls,  Spring is on it's way!!

Well, if March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,
I'd say it is on it's way out a bit prematurely!
Yesterday's temperatures hit 70 degrees and it's to be warmer today.

I'd say the lamb has arrived!

Awwwww....do you remember the arrival of last year's lambs??

How tiny and sweet they were!


  1. The way the weather has been this year I wouldn't be surprised if the lamb wasn't just here for a little visit. I guess time will tell. Enjoy these beautiful days Xxxxooo

  2. Came in like a lion here last week, baby lambs and goats are so cute its a shame they have to grow up, Alpacas are not too struck on high winds either

  3. Donkeys are smart to stay out of the wind!

  4. What a great post Beverly!
    Hard to believe the dear lambs are a year old... They are so adorable!


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