Monday, February 8, 2016

Tom And Chuck Take A Hike

It was an absolutely spectacular weekend.
Mostly sunny with highs in the mid-forties made for perfect
weather for hiking in the woods.

And that is just what we did...Saturday and Sunday.

Of course we took the dogs.
But we had some unexpected company on one of our walks.

Normally Tom and Chuck spend their days up at the chicken houses
visiting with the chickens and the guineas.
As we walked by them on Saturday, they decided to walk along with us.

Up our lane we went... turkeys in tow.

We turned the corner onto the road.
The turkeys followed.

We walked further down the road.
The turkeys followed.

We passed Becky's house.
The turkeys followed.

We passed Becky's barn.
The turkeys kept walking.

Then we headed into our hay field which was still partially snow-covered.
The turkeys stopped.
And waited.
And watched.

By the time we reached the other side of the hayfield,
it was obvious that the turkeys had no intention of heading home.

Afraid to leave them out on the road,
we walked back to them and led them home.

And then we took our hike with the dogs.
And no turkeys!

Look who was sitting in the tree beside the bird feeder this weekend.

It was no surprise that there were no birds
and no squirrels to be seen.
This fellow gave up after about a half hour of patiently waiting
and flew off.
I could not identify what type of hawk this was.
He did not have a red tail....and Red Tail Hawks are the most common around here...
but instead had one that was black and white striped.

On and off the needles:

Sock #1 is finished.  It's mate is started.


  1. Love your new sock!

    I have a question for you. We have 13 chickens, and they have been laying since January. At first, I was able to keep up with all of the eggs, but now I am getting a dozen a day, and have been for a while. My husband is going to ask if he can offer them for sale at work. BUT... in the meantime... do you have any advice as to what I can do with all of these eggs? I think I have eight dozen right now... and I have not collected today. Thanks for any tips you can offer!!

  2. Turkeys are so fast! We have large groups of wild ones in the orchards and they always surprise me with their land speed! In the air - not so impressive. I love seeing Bee Haven's creatures, thank you!

  3. have several options. You can crack the eggs and gently mix yolk and white together...then freeze. I would consider freezing in an ice cube tray and them pop them out and store in freezer bags. That way you can thaw and use a single egg's worth or how ever many eggs you need at a single time....for scrambled eggs or for baking. You can also hard boil and preserve in canning jars (pickled eggs). When we have way too many eggs to sell and use, we gift them to as many people as we can....and have even taken them to homeless shelters.

    We, too, are also having a glut of eggs right now....about 50/day.

  4. I think that is a Coopers Hawk ? which is what we have around here...Gorgeous picture of him/her..Those turkeys are a hoot !!..Cute sock..You could knit them at the same time on the same needle so they are exactly the same...I used to do that with mittens...I was a lovely weekend for being out of doors..Have a fun week..

  5. those turkeys sure are characters! are you about to get this next snow?

  6. I love those turkey boys, they are just dandy....makes me miss mine. But mine were meanies, not at all like your fellows. So funny to see how quickly they trot along with you. That sock is gorgeous. I would learn knit, just to make socks.

  7. Yay for your first sock!! You're in trouble now, sock knitting is addictive. ;-)

  8. Hi Beverly,
    Oh I just love those turkey fellows.. They really do walk fast.. I was quite surprised..
    I wish I could follow a pattern, would love to knit some socks..

  9. Loved the turkey waddle . . .
    What a wonderful home, farm, animals, family . . .
    I so enjoy knowing you . . .


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