Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let's Talk About The Weather!

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world
of weird and wacky weather!

In the span of 24 hours we had snow, freezing rain, ice,
then rain, wind, warmth, and sunshine.

Each time I head out to do farm chores
it is a guessing game as to how I should dress.
(and if truth be told....I am getting just a little tired of this schizophrenic weather!)
And while I am being truthful...
it has made me just a little grumpy of late.

Yesterday morning outside the barn...

by afternoon...

Even Sammy looks a little grumpy sitting here under the big pine tree.

All of the animals emerged from their houses a little tentative...
yes, even the sheep had sought shelter in yesterday's rain storm!

The chickens have not been outside much in the past week.
(and it shows in their houses...chickens are not the best housekeepers...
in fact, they are quite messy!)
I will say, though, that they have been laying a record number of eggs through it all!

The upside to all of this crazy weather is the fact that it gave me time to knit.

Yesterday's mail brought a special delivery...

a new sign that I had made by this shop on Etsy.
I can hardly believe that the beginning of our farm dream was 11 years ago!
My blog is 10 years old!


  1. No grumpy's here! This weather, crazy as it is, is right up my alley. I guess I'm a little crazy too. I seethat Sammy has his bad boy Collar on. That is why he's giving you that look! Those hats are adorable. Cool sign. The rest of the week should be better. It just pushed it all into one day!xxxooo

  2. Yikes, I think I would be a little grumpy also!! Of course I tend to get Spring fever about now and usually weather doesn't cooperate. But I have daffodils blooming!! Yes, a large bouquet in the house. Hope you weather starts to improve!!!

  3. Yes, let's do talk about the wacky weather... Here it went from 90 degrees to 70 in one day. Today I see rain clouds... Go figure.. I guess I should not complain, looking at the crazy weather you are having.
    Sammy does look a little ~ put out ~

    I hope you are doing well..

  4. Great sign . . . "oldie!"
    I agree with your statement . . .
    Schizophrenic Weather . . .
    (Bright sun here today in Western Michigan!)

  5. Our weather is the same up and down from day to day but I don't mind better then dreary winter day after day lol ! Lovely photos . Oh I do like that sign . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Love your blog. Must be getting towards fickle March with all the funny weather that's been going on. thanks for sharing pics of your adorable animals ... and love the things that you are so talented Bev! Every day we're one day closer to spring!!!!! Hang in there!

  7. Sammie is definitely over the weather business! We don't have snow, just rain and that's fine by me. Love the cute hats, hope I will be making some of those soon. Love the new sign, very fancy...impressive!


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