Friday, January 15, 2016

Daphne and Sam Come To An Understanding

Yesterday afternoon the dogs and I spent some time cleaning the front pasture.

I love being out in the pasture when the equines are out as well.

The combination of dogs and equines usually adds up to some fun.
Yesterday was no exception.

I had just parked the gator under an old pine tree in the middle of the pasture,

when Daphne and Chloe walked up to see what I was doing.

Before I knew it, Daphne had chased Sam right up into the passenger seat of the gator.

Generally our donkeys get along fine with the dogs.
However, if one of the dogs is unsuspecting, the donkeys will give chase.
I swear I see them laughing as the dogs jump, startled, into the air and start running.

With Sam a captive audience in the passenger seat,
Daphne decided to give him a good sniffing.

Sniff, sniff, sniff....
nibble, nibble...

"Hey, why'd you do that?"  Sam seemed to say.

And then Sam began to do what he always does to us when he wants attention.
He began pawing at Daphne.

I have no idea what he wanted...
maybe more attention?

but the two of them seemed to come to some sort of understanding.

Chloe and Daphne finished checking out all sides of the gator

 and then sauntered off
satisfied that they had seen all there was to see and had done all there was to do.

We finished our chores, just as the sun began to set....

There's nothing like winter sunsets!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
We'll be back on Monday with more Tails.


  1. I just love watching interaction between animals. Sometimes you wish you could read their minds. Have a good weekend

  2. I think they found their LOVE . . .

  3. Great walk-through. I love this post.
    You got some amazing clicks.!!

  4. Our dog we keep away from livestock, he would be fine with them but he is totally unaware of any danger and wouldn't run away if he was being chased, so for his safety he is only allowed in the same paddock if he stays at heel, too friendly for his own good, its lovely that your animals can interact together love the donkeys :-)

  5. Sometimes a good sniffing is just what everyone needs!

  6. So happy I found your blog. Will be back to see more.

  7. That would be fun to be in the pasture with you.


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