Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Tale Of Two Piggies

Once upon a time there were two porcine princesses...
two shapely sisters with extraordinary tassels on their necks 
(a true mark of beauty in the piggy world.)

These two beauties were as kind as they were lovely,
and everyone in the kingdom (and beyond) adored them.

They lived in a castle (at least they thought it one)
in the midst of a beautiful farm kingdom.

They spent their days playing outdoor in their yard
and visiting with the neighboring sheep.

Occasionally one of the local kitties would stop by for a visit.

Life was simple and happy for these two girls.
They rarely ever fought... except perhaps over which of them had more dinner...
and of course neither liked to share!

One day, a bitter cold one that kept them indoors, their father, the King,
came to bring them their supper.

As they ate, he tidied their room.
(two girls can be a little messy when playing indoors all day long.)

As he cleaned, he happened to bump into one of the princesses named MaryAnn.
Well, she lost her head and started to squeal and grunt at the king and push 
him out of the way just like she occasionally did to her sister (on a daily basis).

The king was so surprised by this grumpy behavior, 
that he raised his voice and scolded her (gently).

So very remorseful for her crabby behavior,
(the king had reminded her that this was not behavior befitting a princess)
she hung her head in shame and stood facing the corner.
(seemingly embarrassed)

I have spent quite a few years observing animal behavior
and have come to the conclusion that animals are much smarter than we imagine.
But I have also observed that there are varying degrees of intelligence amongst the animals.

It is my opinion that our pigs are the smartest of our animals....
not only with higher level thinking skills, but also a higher degree of emotions.
I don't for a second doubt that MaryAnn was feeling a bit of embarrassment 
over her behavior.
I am sure she thought she was tussling with her sister and not with Hubbs.
Upon realizing her mistake.... I believe she felt a degree of remorse.
I have observed true joy when the pigs greet their favorite people....
they have a language....a series of grunts that they use...
but when they are overjoyed, the grunts are unique....
and at that moment they can hardly contain their excitement.

These two amaze me.... I am in awe of them...
and feel so blessed to have them as part of my life!

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  1. A great tale, well told. I was hoping that the pink fairy princess would make her appearance at the end of this story. Thanks for the smile.

  2. This past weekend I had the good fortune to meet two Kunekune (is that right?) pigs named Samson and Delilah. I was immediately smitten and could have carted them right off to my place. They were following us, making the most delightful grunts. Oh my gosh, I can't stop thinking about them.

  3. You are right Denise....Kunekune.....the absolutely most personable pig in the world!!!

  4. Wonderful post! I so agree with you about the ways of animals. Thanks for your always interesting farm tales.

  5. And they you! Cute post... You have played a big part in developing their personalities. Hope everybody up there is staying warm. I,f

  6. i have always believed that on some level, animals are smarter than we are. we just haven't tapped into it yet.

  7. Good day Beverly,
    This is a Tale for a children's book... How sweet. You have such a special relationship with Mary Ann and Ginger. You are where you were meant to be, on a farm, tending and loving all the creatures.

  8. Lovely photos ! I feel the same of animals intelligence and characters as when I was on the farm as a kid I studied the animals reactions to things much like you have over the years and I have learned so much about animals and their behaviors for their way of thinking and reacting to things around them , they are all intelligent in their own ways and can communicate with others as well as humans but humans have to know them to understand them and animals know that and can use it to their advantages that's how smart they are . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. I would absolutely agree that animals are way more intelligent and sophisticated than people credit them. I've long said that my goats are more human in their behavior than any other animal I have ever met, and I'm pretty sure that isn't a compliment. Although, they truly amaze me with the depth of their relationships.

  10. Oh my yes, my kunekune, Percy does not like to be scolded at all. He adopts the same 'head in the corner' position and will often then press against my legs as if asking forgiveness!

  11. Have you ever wondered how dogs can understand so many words we humans say yet we can't translate even one "bark"? All we can do is understand their body language.

  12. Those pig sisters are blessed to live with you, and I must say, their black and white markings are very pretty. You can tell them I said so.

  13. this is my favorite Bee Haven fairy tale. I do love your piggies - they are magnificent creatures. I've always heard that they are very intelligent and it is warming to know that they are also emotional! Poor Mary Ann - I'm sure that she was remorseful.


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