Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why I Don't Go To The Gym....

I have always said that I get plenty of exercise just going about my normal chores.
You see, I live in a family of exercise enthusiasts.

I, on the other hand, prefer to get my exercise doing functional activities...
like farm chores.
Exercising for the sake of exercising is boring to me.
I would much rather have an accomplishment at the end of my exercise...
another task completed.

That is why I was thrilled to open my Christmas present from Hubbs this year...
to find a Fitbit.

This little device on my wrist not only tells me what time it is,
but it also confirms that I walk a lot of miles in a day's time.

It has read-outs for heart rate, steps taken, stairs climbed, miles traveled by foot,
calories burned and hours slept.

By the time I finished the mid-afternoon chores, I had already taken 13, 758 steps...
walked 5.9 miles, burned over 2000 calories (which doesn't include the calories burned
while shoveling manure, or cleaning out goat houses...because I wasn't walking at the time)
and climbed 25 flights of stairs.

I rest my case!

Hubbs also gave me this wonderful cast iron tomato pot...
functional and beautiful!!

"Great gifts, Hubbs!!"

And.... fresh off the needles...


  1. That sweater...she is such a lucky granddaughter, for sure. Beautiful!

  2. i have a few questions? How do you knit so fast when you are so busy? Also how and where did you learn to knit? I taught myself off of you tube videos and want to become a more accomplished knitter and would appreciate any advice you have to offer.

  3. Do you want to bottle up some of that energy and send it to Canada, Bev. :) I agree with you. I much rather get mine walking and helping the retired-guy with work around the property than step foot in a gym. Just trudging through all our snow to the many feeders should erase a few calories from yesterday. :) Enjoy your day. Deb

  4. Oh yes, LOVE the sweater and would appreciate the pattern if you ever have any time. :))

  5. I love my fitbit and that sweater you made.....swoon!!! Terri C

  6. omg...that sweater!!! i have a nike fit bit that i still haven't used. i might have to drag it out in the new year!love the tomato...good job hubbs!

  7. Darling sweater..Love the buttons...We all knew that you worked harder than the average man but did you have to prove it?? I'm with you in the gym department..Very boring and I always manage to hurt myself...Do you think the sun will ever come out???

  8. Good gravy of course you don't have to go to the gym! You have your own private nature gym at your feet. That is AMAZEBALLS! I need to spend three months at your private gym. Have a wonderful New Year.

  9. Love the gym- but love the outdoors and functional workouts more :) In your "spare time" you should read some of the MovNat articles- all about getting our exercise actually DOING something - you are ahead of the curve!!

  10. Wow ...what neat gifts you got this year! We know you get plenty of exercise at your place....This will just open your eyes to just how much exercise you really get! alot!!! Love that pink that for your little grandbaby? The color is gorgeous and love those little buttons too. You are a talented lady. Enjoy welcoming in the New Year however you choose to do it!

  11. Yep,,, never a dull moment,,, at BHA...
    oh and the pink sweater jacket... just Adorbs!

  12. I was exhausted just reading all the steps, stairs & miles you have walked and that was just your morning - wheeew! No wonder you can afford to eat those wonderful pies you make. I don't think there is any gym that you could pay enough to give you the same exercise as the farm chores do. Hubbs did a great job selecting your Christmas presents. I am in love with your fantastic red pot. I love things that are functional & double as pieces of art.

    Your little Fairy is going to look like the most stylish baby in Pennsylvania wearing her hand-knit coat. When people ask where she got her amazing coat, Little Fairy can respond "Why, It an original by my amazingly crafty & talented Grammy, of course".


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