Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Annie, The Activities Director

"Ok, guys, here's the game.  I run and you chase.  Got it?"

"When I crouch down like this...that means ready-set-go!"

"Ok....come on....chase me...now!"

"Look guys, the game is really simple.  I run.  You chase.  You win!"

"Isn't anyone interested in playing?"

All:  "You don't understand, Annie.  Goats don't chase.  We only run if someone is chasing US!"

Annie:  "Well, that's not fair, cause I'm not allowed to chase you.  You have to chase me...
or there's no game."

"Ok, I give up. Goats are boring."

Let's take a little peek into the greenhouse.
It looks as though our greenhouse veggies are growing.

We might even have sugar peas in time for Christmas!

We have had no sun for the past few days.  It seems we are in the midst of a pretty impressive fog event.  Yesterday's high was only 38 degrees.
And yet, down in the city it reached 55 degrees.


  1. You may have snap peas before we do! They are growing at a painfully slow rate. It's only painful because I know how good they taste. ;0D

    Poor Annie. She needs a playmate.

  2. So cute Annie and the goats ! Looks like things are growing well there ! It is always warmer in the cities as they have concrete pavement and brick to keep the heat in ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Supposed to reach 65 on Sat..Crazy weather..Very cute post!!xxoo

  4. annie is so cute! i wish i had your weather. we are about to be almost 70 this weekend. unreal.


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