Monday, November 2, 2015

The Gift of Time

Wanna know a secret?
Yesterday is (was) my favorite day of the year.

Turning the clocks back to Eastern Standard Time is my favorite thing.
Better than birthdays.
Better than Christmas.

Best. Day. Ever.

And to make the day even better,
I play a mind game with myself.

I don't turn the clocks back the night before...because I don't want to sleep that extra hour away.
I don't even turn the clocks back when I get out of bed.

No, I wait until I complete morning chores and are heading back to the house...
and then the clock goes backwards 
and my day just gained an extra hour!

Oh, and there are so many possibilities for what I will do with that extra hour.

For someone who always feels like every day is just a little too short,
 the gift of an extra hour is wonderful
And that, my friends, is why the end of Daylight Savings Time is my favorite day of the year.

Amanda and Tim (our newlyweds) were home for the weekend
and Amanda asked, "Do you think that the time change confuses the animals?"

"It doesn't,"  I replied.
Around the farm, chores are done by the sun and the moon,
and not by the clock.

Friday evening's moon
I arose this morning at the same time...right before the break of dawn,
although the clock told me it was an hour earlier.
The animals will still be fed as the sun rises
(and you know how I hate to miss a sunrise!)

The only difference is that I will finish chores an hour earlier by the clock.
Which isn't a bad deal at all...
now I have an extra hour each morning!

The flip side is this...
it now gets dark around here at 5:30.

And that's ok, too.
There is less outdoor work to be done these shorter days are fine.
After months of working outdoors until sundown,
it's nice to finally have some relaxation time in the evenings.

To every thing there is a season...right?
And the changing seasons and all that comes along with that is what I love about living
right here in this place...
in the heart of the most beautiful place that I have ever known!

So tell me...
what did you do with your extra hour yesterday?


  1. My extra hour came in the night before. I think I just stayed up an extra hour. Does it affect the animals? Molly got up at 7 o'clock this morning. I usually get her up sometime after 730. But she was licking my face at 7 AM. And that seems to happen every year. So it affects her. Lovely pictures, pretty skies. Have a good week.

  2. i hate DST. it's unnatural. i try to ignore it as much as i can. plus when you get up at 2:30 each morning, time really doesn't matter. we sure are in for some warm weather these next 2 weeks!

  3. Tried not to confuse my new puppy as she eats at 8am and 6pm had to feed her at 7am and 5pm. Do animals mind ? I just know they love a routine especially in puppyhood, so I dragged my body out of bed one hour earlier!!!

  4. Maybe it was because I was sick (airplane germs), I slept more than I have slept in a long while. But yesterday, I woke early and got more done, I felt energized the entire day. I woke this morning prior to the alarm going off, feeling the same way. I really think it is the time change and I wish they would leave it alone. The Spring time change KILLS me for weeks! Nothing about it is natural. Happy Monday.

  5. I'm so glad that you enjoy your day.!!
    Very nice article by the way and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  6. Our animals are still on there normal time but to us ts an hour earlier, it means everything is done and dusted for the day by 5pm and we can settle in for evening our clocks changed the other week :-)

  7. Love your attitude! It must feel wonderful to find that extra hour late in the morning. All it would do for me is make me late for doctor appointments...ha! Since I was up at the crack of dawn I think I will go take a nap... :)

  8. Good evening Beverly,
    You have such a beautiful outlook on life, savoring every moment of it.. This is how it should be... This is such a beautiful post, so inspiring.
    As far as the time change, well, I have had the flu and my internal clock is off... I can tell you that I will miss the extra daylight...

    Happy November,

  9. I guess I just grooved right into the change with not an iota of "good or bad".
    I like brighter morning light . . . It brings me cheer . .
    Darker at day end seems to give me more time to read and putz.
    And today I am going out there and tackle the leaves . . till dark!

  10. we are into
    dairy farming.... lately our herds are having a difficlut time as we switched the stable and farm to a new place, as a baad effect the herd is not feeling quite easy, i came to the conclusion because they jutst panic when ever i go near them and that worries me a lot, ive been around them for 8 years now ...some what 8 years..... and also they have trouble sleeping ... it s like they are always on a alert mode turned on... due to the stress they are producing less milk... can you suggest anything please?? you seem to be a expert in these issues....

  11. An American in TokyoNovember 3, 2015 at 10:19 PM

    We don't have daylight savings over here, which I LOVE!
    I think it's just another way humans are trying to manipulate nature. I haven't had to change my clock in years, except for when the batteries need changing! ha ha!


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