Friday, October 9, 2015

Our Superstar

Autumn, beautiful autumn!
It's been a spectacular week here on the farm.
Foggy mornings in the 40's... 

and afternoons reaching 70...
fairy tale clouds in bright blue skies...

It's been a busy week here with outdoor chores, fall housecleaning, and
seasonal baking.

Ghostly shortbread cookies
Crunchy, spicy ginger snaps
I've tried to pack as much as possible into each and every moment
of these amazing autumn days.
Yesterday was a milestone day as I hooked Red up to his cart for the first time.

Walking him by lead rope while I pulled the cart behind me helped to 
acclimate him to something new "following" him.

He stood still while I worked on his harnessing.
And once hooked to the cart he showed no signs of nervousness.

He was a little reluctant to start walking...feeling the little bit of weight from the cart on his sides
and the harnessing that seemed to encircle him.
I am sure he felt a little trapped, but he kept his cool.

"But Mom, can't you see....I'm stuck here...surrounded!"
With some treats and a little coaxing, though, he took his first step and off we went.
Up the lane beside the garden...

and then along the upper pasture fence...

down into the yard by the gazebo...

He walked and walked with no difficulties... no more hesitation.

We still have much work to do with reining,
however, passing this milestone is huge.

Red is one smart little horse who is eager to please.
I see many adventures in our future!
Needless to say, he got lots of treats and lots of kisses.

Very soon I will make a video of him pulling his cart.
Red....the Superstar!!


  1. Way to go Red..oh how wonderful. He looks fantastic in his new gear and I love his new cart. You are going to have so much fun together. They are smart little horses and love to learn. Our lads just love it when we play with them. So sweet and loving. Can't wait to see the next pictures.
    We are also enjoying some wonderful weather. I wish we could have many months of this kind of weather.

  2. your famr is beautiful whatever the wheather. It is all the care and love you put it in that makes it look so welcoming. I can feel it just looking at your pictures even if I live so far away.

  3. Patsy from IllinoisOctober 9, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    I love the littles and Red is spectacular. Good boy Red!

  4. What wonderful news! Go, Red (and you!)

    I suspect that he's going to love having a 'job', and getting lots of 'meet and greets' with children. The thought of it makes me smile :)


  5. I have spent many hours with my little Lacey hooked up to her easy entry cart, like the one you have pictured. It is absolutely amazing how fast they become acclimated to driving. Enjoy!

  6. hi beverly...the cookies look yummy...may i ask if you would share your recipe for the ginger snaps?...please add our love and kisses to red for a fine job...thank you for sharing...take care...sally

  7. Wow cute to see Red pulling the cart. What a charming farm you have Bev. It's always so fun to see what's happening next.

  8. What a great job he did! It'll get easier each time.

  9. An American in TokyoOctober 13, 2015 at 11:57 PM

    Go, Red, Go!


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