Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gardening With Chickens

Yesterday took me away from the farm.
I donned my scrubs and spent part of the day wearing my nursing "hat"....
but not before I spent a little time with the little pink fairy.

I kept Mackenzie for an hour so that her Mommy could run some errands.
We played on the floor until fatigue overcame us...
there's nothing sweeter than a baby napping in your arms!

This little girl has definitely found her smile...and is quite happy to share it!

Meanwhile back at the farm,
the Lucilles were continuing my gardening efforts.

There is nothing in the world more efficient at cultivating the soil
that a bevy of hens.
They can sweep through a garden and decimate it in no time flat.

If only they could be trained to get rid of the weeds and not the vegetables.

I am actually considering opening the big fence and just letting them all in.
Not really...
no, I prefer a more systematic and controlled approach to gardening.
And believe me, there is nothing controlled about a chicken in a garden!
 Right, Roy Boy?


  1. Love seeing Sweet Baby M . . . smiles and sleeps!

  2. Hi Beverly! I have become somewhat obsessed with the idea of having chickens recently and what was wondering what chicken breeds do you have? And what color eggs do they each produce? You have some beautiful chickens! And that little pink fairy is even more beautiful!

  3. Glad you have some time with the pink fairy! She's a sweetie! Still tiny.... Another beautiful day. Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous baby, its a shame they have to grow up, my chooks are banned from the garden I have tried that before and the devastation they cause inst worth it :-)

  5. she is so precious! i can't wait for one!

  6. Abby, I have all sorts of hens...most of whom lay brown eggs, but I also have a few fancy chickens (Polish) who lay white eggs. The Auracaunas and Ameracaunas lay greenish blue eggs. My brown layers include Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Black Sex Link, naked necked chickens, Australorps, Delawares and more that I cannot even remember.....I probably have 25 different breeds amongst my flock.

  7. OH DEAR, I need to send my roosters over to teach Rob Roy how to crow properly! I seriously have a love hate relationship with the chickens BECAUSE every time I plant something new, I can count on them being in the garden bed in 4 seconds flat... "improving" the soil for me, hah! I find myself barricading the plant with all manner of wire and what-not until the chickens lose interest and move on. Free range chickens will drive a person nuts.

  8. hi beverly...what a beautiful bundle of love...thank you for sharing this precious fairy princess...all the best to you and yours...take care...sally

  9. Beverly what a bundle of joy you are holding. Beautiful Baby.

    We used to have roosters and chickens but the Roosters would kill the chickens . Did you ever have that? I wonder why they did that?

    We even got rats inside and a big fat skunk would go in get the egg. And I would see Mr. Skunk rolling the egg across to the neighbors yard. Then he would come back and forth. Well I was not going to argue with a skunk. Who would. He was smart to do that.

    We had brown eggs. I like the brown eggs. Some people think brown eggs. Yuks. They taste just as well as white eggs.

  10. Such are so blessed!

  11. Beautiful baby girl. Oh Roy Boy made me laugh...nice way to start the day having a laugh. Xxx


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