Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Every Woman Should Have Her Own Chainsaw!

Why is it that when I am out working hard...
it seems like everyone else is doing this?!......

Yesterday was a day for mowing
(yes, I know... I said that I had done the last mowing 2 weeks ago.)

and chainsaw work.

I love my little girly chainsaw!
It's an arborist's chain saw...lightweight and small.

You see, last week we had a tree removal company come to cut down 34 trees.
We have a lot of "jack pine" trees on our property that are all
dying from an infestation.
Because many of them were threatening to fall on our picnic pavilion,
or other buildings, we opted to have them brought down.

Because there were so many of them,
we also opted to have them left where they fell.

We (with some help) will be cutting them all into firewood 
and then putting the limbs through our wood-chipper to use as footing in the dry lot.

It's a heck of a lot of manual labor that will take weeks to finish.

That is why yesterday I thought I would work on cutting off limbs from this ash tree
by our pond.

The entire tree has been dead for some time and is completely covered in lichens.
Lichens are an organism that is a combination of algae or bacteria
and fungus that is typically parasitic.

We have tons of lichens on our trees around the farm.

Well, as luck would have it, I forgot one of the primary rules of chain-sawing
and got my chainsaw wedged in the limb that I was sawing.
I should have known better...
which is why I was determined to get myself out of this pickle.

I grabbed a hatchet and started chipping away at the tree limb until my chainsaw was free.

Don't worry, I am completely safe with a chainsaw
and very careful!
It feels good to be independent and able to solve my own dilemmas.


  1. I have a little chain saw, although it still scares me the damage they can do to legs, I only use it if hubby is around to rescue it if it gets stuck, I was brought up with bow saws my dad taught me how to use one properly although they are hard work and dont do you back much good, nice stock of firewood you have there :-)

  2. What a woman . . . She is strong . . .

  3. OK! You are inspiring me! I have been reluctant to use power tools. Period! But there is so much work that needs to be sone - if I could just do a few things, our family would be much better off. Did Hubbs teach you? This sounds really nerdy, but I wish there was a one hour class where someone could take me thru using a power saw, a drill, and a chainsaw. :-)

  4. You are that indeed.. I remember when your dad gashed his leg using a chainsaw. It's a good thing he had boots on. You certainly have your work cut out for you. Just be careful. I know all about lichen , just a different breed..xxoo

  5. Chain saws scare me to death. But My Rare One loves hers! She primarily uses it to trim trees too.

  6. Well, GeorgiaHoneyBee....I wish you were closer, I would teach you all that I know. I learned young how to use power tools and am so glad I can....I hate having to ask others to do what I want done. I was thinking, though, I bet your chainsaw dealer would run through the operation of it with you. There are things that one needs to know, however, besides just the operation....to save you from getting yourself into a pickle....or worse, much worse. There is no doubt about the fact that chain saws are extremely dangerous. Check out YouTube for instructional videos for power tools. I have a feeling that there may even be some there that are filmed by the manufacturer....

  7. i love my chain saw too. i just bought a new sander and can't wait to play with it.

  8. Cool chain saw . Papa and I did lots of wood a few weeks ago cutting splitting and what not from trees we had taken down last year . Papa does the chain sawing mostly here I have used one many times as I grew up on the farm but now a days he does it lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Good for you! I don't trust myself with a chainsaw.

  10. You are one awesome woman! I am proud to say I know you....even just a little bit!

  11. It's always good to see the benefits of chainsaws being exploited by every day people, not just the professionals! You're right to point out the dangers though, it's definitely worth swatting up on exactly the right techniques and safety equipment you need. Stay safe and have fun :)


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