Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Sheepy Feet

It's been such a long time since Faith and Hope have played like they did 
when they were tiny lambs.
They used to race all around their yard, kicking up their heels.
Summer's heat and thick wool coats put an end to that.

Yesterday, while out for afternoon chores,
I happened to catch them kicking up their heels.
Cooler weather has a way of making everyone a little more energetic!

In case you were wondering about the noise that my camera makes....
this particular camera has an autofocus feature for video.
Unfortunately, it is a noisy feature!

Look who's back to stay at Grammie's this week...

Yes, it's Grammie's little pink fairy!


  1. this cool weather makes me want to run and jump around too! the little pink fairy is precious!

  2. I know the cooler weather gives me more energy. Love your little visitor.

  3. Such special times..enjoy!!
    Thanks for the cute video..adorable.

  4. Nothing like baby snuggles and sheep playing in the background . . .


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