Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Signs That Summer Intends To Move Onward

It is so hard to believe, but summer is beginning to wind down.
It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for a wedding...
a wedding that happened already 2 months ago.

Can you believe it?
Boy, I can't.

All signs point to the approach of autumn.
The days are shortening.
And although right now it is hot and humid,
the nights are cooling down like they do in autumn.

Last week I saw a flock of blackbirds flying overhead...
it was at least a mile long...
thousands and thousands of birds.

Summer farm work is slowing down a bit, as well...
giving me time to do extra things.

cleaning henhouses (yesterday's extra chore).

The dogs and I took one last trip to the woods for blackberry picking.

The picking was very slim....
another sign that summer is winding down.

Our picking was interrupted by a sudden summer storm that sent us all scrambling for home...
and soaked us in the process.

Later in the day, after the rain,

I brought Red out of the dry lot, cleaned him up,

measured him for his driving harness,

and took him for a walk.
We worked on basics like "walk" and "whoa",
and crossing puddles.
Some horses find puddles to be very scary....
and Red seems to be one of these horses.

Even scary things can be conquered when treats are given!
My autumn project will be working with Red with the eventual goal of having him 
drive this cart.

What fun we are going to have!
What fun I will have driving Tyler and Mackenzie all around the farm!

And while I am on the subject...
guess who is one week old?


  1. oh the fun that awaits mackenzie! i had a horse that if he saw a puddle the size of a teacup he would do steeplechase jumping. go figure.

  2. Weeks and months sure do go by fast.
    Red is going to be the cutest ever all "hooked up". More excitement at BHA for the grandkids!
    Love the wedding and Mackenzie photos!

  3. Oh, you weren't kidding when you said Red would be driving a cart! I wonder what makes a pony a good candidate for pulling? I can just picture the 3 of you, though. I always thought it would be great fun to drive a cart,so I'm looking forward to those posts!

  4. The time will go fast Bev and McKenzie will be driving the Bet Tyler will want to right away. Your riding arena will be perfect for practise. We want to get our little fellas driving as a team. I am going to get a little stone boat made so I can play in the winter with them. It is a perfect time of year to train..and the stone boat is a great training tool.
    Have to say I will be happy to see the end of this heat. So many things I want to do outside and this has slowed me down.
    We got a down pour also and it was very welcome. Hoping today brings more rain.
    Keep cool..looking forward to some pictures of the harness.

  5. You saw a flock of blackbirds a mile long?? Wow I haven't seen that since I was a kid and I am 56 now. Hubs and I went to Cherry Springs State Park up near Wellsboro (sort of) to see the stars and we saw thousands and thousand of stars! It was amazing since we haven't seen that in 25 years since we lived in upstate NY. On a side note....that sweet!!!!! TerriC

  6. Awww, cute baby! And love the American Gothic wedding photo!

  7. Patsy from IllinoisAugust 19, 2015 at 9:15 AM

    That Red is handsome fella! Hope he takes to the cart. And as for Mackenzie, she is definitely a squeezer.

  8. The cart will be a blast..I hope Red is up to the task..Love that pic of A&T..Great shot..Sounds like you are in a different hemisphere..No rain here forever and it was 82degrees @ 10 PM two nights ago...Maybe tomorrow??
    Happy Wed.xxoo

  9. Such fun photos! I especially like the first and last. :)
    Maybe Red would be a tiny bit less afraid of puddles if he got his bangs trimmed? I had one horse that loved water in every form and another that absolutely would NOT walk through it.

  10. I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Love that first pic!

  11. The take on American Gothic is appreciated here. I'm sure you have many plans for that cute lil' pink bundle!

  12. two months gone, unbelievable . . .
    Like seeing all the animals . . . And the one week old . . . Adorable!


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