Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Garden Fly-By

This past weekend, our host at the lake house gave me a flash drive
with some video footage that he shot with the drone on the morning of the wedding.
I will be sifting through this over the coming days and showing you some
aerial views of our farm.

The first of these videos is a fly-by of our garden on the morning of the wedding.
I must's the best it has ever looked...
and probably ever will look!

Here's another bit of footage shot that morning just as a rain shower moved in.
You will see a little mist on the camera lens as the drone flies.
This video shows the areas surrounding the garden on the morning of the wedding.

If you ever wondered what the world looks like from a bird's perspective,
there you have it!
I am awestruck by the beauty that surrounds me each and every day.
I love my life... from down here and from up there as well!


Yesterday I was asked how much weight Red could pull in a cart.
I have read that mini horses can pull 2 to 3 times their body weight.
The mechanics of the harness and cart are such that Red will push against the soft, cushiony strap
that goes across his chest...pulling, but in essence pushing the cart along.
He weighs somewhere between 200 to 250 lbs, so he should easily be able to pull
400 to 500 pounds or more once he is in shape.
I don't imagine he will ever have to pull much more than his body weight, however.
The cart is such that only one adult and a couple of small children will fit comfortably.
Just right for Grammie, Tyler, and Mackenzie!!!


  1. The drone video is amazing! Technology is a wonderful thing when it is used for good. Thank you for answering!

  2. Very jaunty celtic music you used for the garden fly-by video!

  3. this cool or what? i might have to buy a drone! your place looks fabulous! what a perfect day that was.

  4. Loved the drone pics . . . Gives a new view of your beauty from up above.
    Looking forward to the first mini horse and buggy ride!

  5. Nice to see your garden from above..Shows off all your hard work..Looked great...Can't wait for a cart christening..

  6. Wonderful drone videos . Red will do fine I am sure of it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. It's so beautiful there. Almost magical. I want a tour of your farm someday!

  8. Those videos are just awesome, the farm over the top gorgeous. I loved seeing it from a bird's eye view! The music was beautiful and I especially liked the last you know the title and artist?

  9. So glad to see you are joining the driving world!! I have been driving my 37" mini for the past six years. He weighs about 350 pounds and can haul two adults easily. My advice to you is to take Red on many, many long walks in and out of harness and show him everything. My guy loves his job and looks forward to our outings as I am sure Red will also! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!!

    1. Thanks for the advice....Feel free to email me with any and all advice. I am doing this for the first time, so advice is appreciated. Taking it slow.....building trust, etc. And yes....long walks are on our list.


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