Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday For You....Friday For Me!

I can remember as a child my Nana talking of the "Dog Days" of summer.
Although I was never quite sure which days were of the canine persuasion...
I guessed they were the hot and muggy ones that usually accompanied August.

If you asked me now...
I'd say "woof....their here!"
We've had a string of hot and muggy weather.

It's the type of weather that necessitates that work be done either early morning or late evening.
The rest of the day is just not suited for any physical activity.
Ask any of the animals... they'd agree!

It's this time of summer when the horses cease to run...
choosing to just saunter wherever they need to go.

The sheep spend the afternoons snoozing in the shade 
and the pigs can be found lounging at the pool.
(Picture sunglasses, lemonade with a straw, wide-brimmed sunhat...stretched out on a lounge chair!)

Amanda spent last evening with us,
so I took the opportunity to utilize her help to do chores that require a buddy....
like: hoof trimming.

The sheep are so well socialized and are very easy to work with.
Amanda bribed them with tummy scratches while I went to work trimming their hooves.
I keep after them every few weeks, so this job is always relatively easy.

We both noticed that Hope is starting to look much more mature now. 
Her face is starting to elongate a little more like her mother's.
Oh, how sad to see these two grow up...
I would forever keep them tiny lambs if I could!

They still run to their mama when they feel threatened...
there's nothing like nursing to make them feel secure!
That look on Gracie's face says "Really?"

We tried to trim Ginger's and MaryAnn's hooves,
but it was a little too close to feeding time for them.
Completely distracted with the possibility that food might be soon delivered,
they had a hard time lying still for more than a couple of seconds.

Pigs are incredible creatures and form very tight bonds with their humans.
Although both pigs are very close to me...
Ginger is especially close to Amanda,

and MaryAnn to me.

So, on Monday evenings when Amanda visits the farm,
Ginger is quite happy!
(And so are we.)

By now you are probably wondering what this title means.
I am taking a short summer break from blogging... the rest of this week.
I will be back on Monday with more "Tails from the Farm"...
and will fill you in on this week's adventure!
Have a great rest of your week!
Happy Friday!


  1. See you Monday. Can't wait to hear about your adventure.

  2. My father referred to the Dogs Days when local lakes were so 'scummy' only dogs would swim in them. That meant that summer swimming for us kids was over :(

  3. Have a nice blogcation but how I will miss my daily dose of farm sunshine! TerriC

  4. Lovely photos . It was very humid and muggy here to the past few days but now after a storm rolled through it has sun shine no humidity and cool breezes my kind of summer days . Hope you have a good blog break , give the animals a extra treat and a cuddle from us here at Woods Country Cove .

  5. Such a great post, Bev! Enjoy your break. See you soon

  6. I did goat hoof trimming a few days ago. They really hate it. As soon as they see the trimmers they try to head for the hills. I keep telling them. "It is for your own good!", but they never believe me. Even after we're finished and they happily trot away on nice smooth hooves, they are still mad at me for daring to touch their feet.

  7. Hope's eyelashes are adorable. I want to hug her! Dog Days arrived in NYS over the weekend and I retreated to the sewing studio. Can't take the humidity!

  8. An American in TokyoJuly 23, 2015 at 11:57 PM

    Enjoy your time off! =)


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