Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Walk on the Not-So-Wild Side

In the week that the game cameras were located at the pond,
we saw what we knew we would....


I always wondered what they ducks did at night....

the same as what they do during the daytime...

We had one unwanted visitor on one particular night...

Old Mr. Fox definitely explains why our duck numbers have dwindled over this past year!

We had a few "wanted" visitors as well.

And of course, Annie made her rounds...

Needless to say, the cameras are moving to a much busier location for this coming week.
I think the stream might be a better location.


  1. Seems like it's hard to know where to put the cameras. Maybe the pond is too close to the road? The stream sounds like a good idea. Happy weekend.

  2. Hi Bev, Oh yes, the stream would be a great place to put the cameras. Gosh that is a beautiful stream.. Everything is so green an lush.


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